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The aim of the ART-CHERIE (Achieving and Retrieving Creativity through European Fashion Cultural Heritage Inspiration) project is to exploit the Cultural Heritage in fashion through a vocational training course, for the improvement of EU fashion designers.

Principal Investigator: Professor Jose Teunissen
College: London College of Fashion

UAL has embarked on a mission to develop an online design tool for EU fashion designers through ERASMUS+ KA2: ART-CHERIE, a research project led by Professor José Teunissen. The university is one of five partners behind the project, which aims to promote and explore the use of digital fashion archives and heritage by shaping vocational training and developing e-curricula to train EU fashion designers to work with online archives to improve their designs. The project, coordinated by EURATEX, was launched in December. The ART-CHERIE project will bridge the gap between the fashion industry and lack of specific expertise in SME’s designers by achieving a common VET – ICT tool for the fashion sector.

The project partners include:

EURATEX (European Apparel and Textile Confederation) (Belgium)

Fondazione Museo del Tessuto di Prato (Italy)

The Hellenic Clothing Industry Association (Greece)

Gnosi Anaptixiaki NGO (Greece)

Key Staff: Darren Gray, Suzanne Baldwin and Polly Kenny.

News and events

ART-CHERIE Newsletter July 2017

In this newsletter, we would like to introduce the project ART-CHERIE – Achieving and retrieving creativity through European fashion cultural heritage inspiration, who is involved, what has been done and what are the next steps.

ART-CHERIE Newsletter July 2017

Fashion Digital Memories EUROPEANA Fashion Symposium, May 2017

Professor Jose Teunissen, Dean of School of Design and Technology, LCF, attended the Fashion Digital Memories EUROPEANA Fashion symposium on 22-23 May 2017 in Venice where she presented the Art-Cherie project. EUROPEANA is the Meta-aggregator and display space for European digitised works through assembled collections shared by thousands of European museum and galleries. Europeana is also a network representing the heritage sector in Europe.

Read the Storify of the event and follow the conversation on Twitter @ResearchUAL