Policies and Procedures

Wimbledon College of Arts. Image by Jo Mansfield.
Wimbledon College of Arts. Image by Jo Mansfield.

Enquiries, appeals and complaints

An enquiry in this instance relates to queries regarding assessment decisions, and/or decisions made by UAL Awarding Body as a result of quality issues within any of our approved centres.

A complaint is a concern about a service, or lack of service provided by UAL Awarding Body or centre to candidates.

An appeal is a concern about the assessment decision given by UAL Awarding Body or centre that affects a candidate. Centres are expected to have complaints and appeals procedures. If candidates have a complaint or an appeal, they must follow their procedures in the first instance. UAL Awarding Body will require details of the outcomes of these processes when investigating a complaint or an appeal.

If a complaint or appeal is not resolved by UAL Awarding Body, our regulators Ofqual (England), CCEA (Northern Ireland) and Qualifcations Wales can be contacted.

Reasonable adjustments, special considerations and aegrotats

Reasonable adjustments are any action that helps to reduce the effect of a disability or difficulty that places a student at a substantial disadvantage in the assessment situation. Therefore, adjustments should be applied for before the assessment activity takes place. 

Special considerations refer to unforeseen circumstances of a student which occur either close to or on the assessment or moderation date; such as an unexpected medical problem, bereavement or personal issue arising, which prohibits the student's ability to take or demonstrate their level of attainment in an assessment.

For information on deferrals, please see our Reasonable Adjustment policy.

An aegrotat is an award that may be granted if a student is unable to continue their studies due to exceptional circumstances such as chronic or incapacitating illness or death but would have satisfied the standard required for the award had they been able to continue. Centres who wish to apply for an aegrotat award on behalf of a student, must do so via email to quality.awarding@arts.ac.uk giving a full explanation for their request.


When a complaint is made, the University Awarding Body will require:

  • A description of the problem (including when it happened)
  • A contact name
  • Unique Candidate Number (ULN) if relevant
  • The qualification title
  • The name and address of the Centre

All complaints are handled sensitively, confidentially, logged and monitored.

UAL Awarding Body Complaints Policy and Process v1.0 (184KB)

Please submit all enquires and complaints to quality.awarding@arts.ac.uk


Stage 1: The first stage of an appeal must be fully and formally conducted and recorded within a centre, unless the centre is appealing against a decision made by UAL Awarding Body, in which case the centre may jump to stage 2 below.

Stage 2: If the appeal cannot be resolved internally, or the appeal comes directly from the approved centre, then please complete the relevant appeals form contained within the Enquiries and Appeals Policy and email it to quality.awarding@arts.ac.uk.

Raising a concern

If you have concerns about malpractice or wrongdoing in relation to UAL qualifications, either at the centre you work/study at or at UAL Awarding Body, please refer to the UAL Awarding Body Whistle Blowing policy below:

If you wish to raise your concern with UAL Awarding Body, please complete the form below and send to quality.awarding@arts.ac.uk

All concerns raised are handled sensitively, confidentially, logged and monitored.

Wherever possible, UAL Awarding Body will provide a solution or its considered response immediately or within a 24 hour time frame as appropriate to circumstance.

Reasonable adjustments

Special considerations