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Isabella Vecchi

BA (Hons) Design for Art Direction, Alumni
London College of Communication
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Isabella  Vecchi



Where are you from in the world?

I’m from Milan, Italy

What was the most interesting project you worked on during your course?

Definitely the projects during my third year, which focused mostly on the language of branding and advertising that I appropriated to create an absurd narrative for a fictional brand.

What are your fondest memories of London College of Communication?

The friendships I made, the nights spent working on a project before the deadline and the incredible relief and pride that followed! The sense of growth I experienced while studying here.

What three words would you use to best describe London College of Communication?

Creative, accepting, diverse

What piece of advice would you give to new students?

Try to use all of the facilities! You may find something you really enjoy you’ve never even knew existed before.

Why would you recommend studying BA (Hons) Design for Art Direction to other students?

It’s a diverse course that allows you to test different point of views, mediums and ways of working without ever being just restricted to photography, or illustration, or group projects, or personal projects. As long as you know what you’re doing and you have the research to back up your ideas, you can be incredibly experimental.

How do you find living in London?

Chaotic, sometimes overwhelming, but in London there is always something going on, something to do, an exhibition to see or an event to go to.

Can you tell us a little bit about what you’ve been up to since graduating?

Since graduating I have worked with Julien Macdonald for a couple months, completed a personal project and contributed to an exhibition for Somerset House with some visuals. I’m currently working full-time as a Junior Graphic Designer for a skincare brand.

How has the course helped you get to where you are today?

It gave me a multidisciplinary approach to design/art. It really pushed me out of my comfort zone in many ways and allowed me to constantly experiment.

Tell us about your future plans and ambitions

I’m excited to gain some practical experience as a Graphic Designer in my new job, working on packaging and learning new skills. Once I’ve learned everything that this job can offer me, who knows! I’m planning to work for a couple of years, maybe do a postgraduate course and continue to work on exciting projects, learn, experiment and create.

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