Graduation 2017

Courtesy of UAL

We’re pleased to announce that this summer's Graduation Ceremonies will take place between 25 July and 28 July at the Royal Festival Hall.

Registration for these ceremonies has now closed.

Those who have registered will receive an email approximately 1 week before the ceremony with information about the day and confirmation of their final ticket allocation. All tickets are now allocated and no further changes can be made under any circumstances.

Please note, graduates will not be allowed to cross the stage unless they are wearing official UAL academic dress. If you haven’t yet hired your gown, please do so immediately. Gowns may be available for hire on the day, but at a significant additional cost.

We look forward to seeing you at the ceremonies.


In light of recent events, bag searches will be conducted at all Southbank Centre entrances. Graduates should leave their belongings with their guests to avoid inconvenience during the ceremony. Please do not leave bags unattended.

Essential information

Dates and times

Tuesday 25 July 2017

  • Chelsea College of Arts – 11.30am
  • Camberwell College of Arts – 3pm
  • Wimbledon College of Arts – 3pm

Wednesday 26 July 2017

London College of Fashion

  • Fashion Business School – 10am
  • School of Media and Communication – 1pm
  • School of Design and Technology – 3.30pm
  • Teaching and Learning Exchange – 3.30pm

Thursday 27 July 2017

Central Saint Martins

  • Art; Culture and Enterprise; Graphic Communication Design and Drama and Performance programmes – 11.00am
  • Fashion; Textile and Jewellery Design; Ceramic, Industrial and Product Design; Spatial Design programmes – 3.00pm

Friday 28 July 2017

London College of Communication

  • School of Design; Screen School – 11.00am
  • School of Media – 3.00pm

Download our Graduating Courses (PDF 45KB) for a breakdown of which courses have been invited to attend one of the nine UAL Graduation Ceremonies.


The Ceremonies take place at London's Royal Festival Hall on the Southbank.

Registration deadlines

Registration has now closed.

Friday 2 June 2017 - Final registration deadline

Registrations received after this date will be subject to a £90 late fee on top of any ticket purchases.

We may not be able to accept your registration after this date.

If you're unable to attend, complete the registration form so we don't send you registration reminders and you can also update your certificate details.

Friday 5 May 2017 - Registration deadline

You need to register for your awards ceremony by this date.

Registrations received after this date will be subject to a £60 late fee on top of any ticket purchases.


Ticket pricing

  • Tickets for graduating students are free providing you register by Friday 5 May 2017. Late fees apply after this date.
  • Tickets for family and guests cost £28 each.
  • If you buy the maximum number of guest tickets, you can then apply for extra tickets. The cost of an extra ticket is £30.
  • Extra tickets are not guaranteed and are allocated on a first-come, first serve basis. All tickets have now been allocated.
  • We do not advise making travel plans for guests until your tickets are confirmed.
  • If you wish to change your ticket allocation, you can still do so up until Friday 2 June 2017. Changes to ticket allocations cannot be made after this date.

Confirming your tickets

  • We will send confirmation of your final ticket allocation to the email address you provide when you register.
  • Further instructions about the day and your ticket allocation will be emailed to you 1 week before the ceremony. This will include information about any extra tickets that you have been allocated.
  • If you have been allocated extra tickets, you will need to pay for them on the day of the ceremony.
  • All tickets are collected on the day of your ceremony – they are not posted out prior to the events.


  • If you buy tickets and do not successfully complete your qualification, we will refund the cost of the tickets.
  • Refunds will be processed from August 2017 onwards.
  • You don’t need to contact us to request a refund, it will be processed automatically.
  • After Friday 2 June 2017, we will not refund purchased guest tickets if you change your mind or decide not to attend.


  • Children aged 2 and above must have their own seat and their own ticket.
  • Please let us know when you register if you or your guests are bringing children so that you can be allocated seats nearer to the exits for your convenience.
  • All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Buggies and prams must be stored in the cloakroom on level 1. They cannot be brought into the ceremony.

Special requirements

Let us know if you or your guests have any special requirements. We will do our best to accommodate your needs. Please complete the contact us form.

Hire your gown

  • Official UAL academic dress is available for hire through Ede & Ravenscroft Graduation Services.
  • By confirming your attendance, you are agreeing to wear the official UAL academic dress, made up of a robe, hood and hat. The colour and style of these items is dependent on your qualification
  • The deadline for ordering your academic gown is 30 June 2017. However, Ede & Ravenscroft may still accept your booking after this date. If you have not yet booked your gown, please attempt to do so immediately.
  • When booking your gown on the Ede & Ravenscroft website, search for ‘University of the Arts London’, rather than the name of your college e.g. CSM etc.
  • UAL reserves the right to refuse admission to the ceremony to any student not wearing official academic dress supplied by Ede & Ravenscroft

On the day

When to arrive

  • We advise you arrive 90 minutes before the scheduled start time so you'll have sufficient time to collect tickets, robes and take your photos.
  • Guests must not congregate in the registration robing areas to avoid overcrowding.
  • The auditorium opens 1 hour before the ceremony and graduates and guest should take their seats no later than 30 minutes before the ceremony start.

The reception

  • After your ceremony, you and your guests are invited to enjoy light refreshments at a reception.

Photography, DVDs & live streaming

Photography services

  • Official photographers will be on site all day.
  • You are advised to pre-book a photography slot through
  • It is recommended to have professional photographs taken prior to the ceremony. All graduates must be seated no later than half an hour before the ceremony start, so please bear this in mind when booking your slot.
  • You can buy photo frames from the photography stall on the ground floor.

DVD services

  • A DVD recording of the ceremony can be ordered on the day at a stand located inside the building.
  • After the ceremony, you can purchase your graduation DVD from

Live streaming

  • Each graduation ceremony will be live streamed.
  • Check back closer to the day for information on how to access the live stream.

Please note that video recording during the ceremonies is strictly prohibited.

Information for staff

How to book your robe

Aside from Professors and Pro-Vice-Chancellors all staff must book their robes in the following manner:

If you have been to a ceremony before

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Click reset your password. You will be sent an email instructing you how to set your password.
  4. Click on the UAL logo
  5. Indicate which ceremony you will be attending and confirm the details displayed on the Ede & Ravenscroft website are correct.

This process should take less than 5 minutes to complete.

Robes must be booked by 30 June 2017. However, Ede & Ravenscroft may still accept your booking after this date. If you have not yet booked your gown, please attempt to do so immediately.

If you haven’t attended a ceremony before

Please email the following information to

  • Date and time of the ceremony you will be attending
  • Name
  • College and School (eg Wimbledon; Fashion: School of Management and Science)
  • Telephone number
  • Height
  • Hat size
  • Last institution attended (eg University of Brighton;)
  • Faculty (eg Faculty of Arts; Faculty of Science; Education)
  • Degree obtained e.g. BA
  • Year achieved

The Awards Team will only book your robe if you are a new attendee. If you fail to book your robe by 30 June, only a plain black robe will be available on the day.

On the day

Collecting your robe

  • Please arrive at least an hour before your ceremony.
  • When you book your robe, you will receive an email from Ede and Ravenscroft with your booking reference.
  • Bring your booking reference to the Function room located on Level 3 on the ‘Blue’ side of the building.
  • Once you have your gown, please make your way up the stairs to Level 4, where you will join the academic processions.

The ceremonies

  • The ceremonies last between one and a half and two hours. They begin with speeches and Honorary Awards followed by the student awards.
  • Staff and students who have been awarded prizes will be acknowledged.
  • The student speaker will make a short speech recognising their time at UAL.

After the ceremony

  • You are welcome to join graduates and their guests in the reception areas where light refreshments will be served.
  • All robes must be returned to the Sunley Pavilion before you leave the Southbank Centre.