The Assessment Regulations include details of the University Marking Criteria and Marking Scale, the types of assessment on your course, the role of the Exam Board and what will happen if you fail a piece of work. The regulations also describe the ways in which the University ensures that marking is fair and accurate through internal and external moderation.‌‌

2016-17 Assessment Regulations

The following regulations apply to all taught higher education students enrolling after 1 September 2016:

Guidance for Students

The following guidance documents provide students with key information on the most important elements of the Assessment Regulations including the University Marking Scale and the Marking Criteria, how to submit work for assessment, and what happens is you fail an assessment:

2015-16 Regulations

Where students have yet to complete a stage (e.g. part time or Masters students), the Course Regulations from 2015-16 still apply: