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Important Updates

Last updated: 8 January 2018

Join the Camberwell bike club
Our new covered bike racks in the courtyard at Peckham Road are now open and can be accessed through the side gate at the top of the delivery ramp. Staff and student will need to email from their UAL email account to request access to use the gate.

Extended access to workshops and studios

Due to the ongoing building works at Peckham Road, access to studios and workshops will be extended during the Easter holidays. Students will have access from Monday 19 to Thursday 29 March. You can find the most up to date information on our workshops below. 

Water works in Block A

Toilets on floors 1, 2 and 3 in Block A are now working and open to staff and students. Works to provide hot water to the toilets on floors 4 and 5 continue. We apologies for the inconvenience and are working hard to resolve the issue.

Camberwell Space reopens this January

We are excited to announce the reopening of Camberwell Space gallery in January. Staff and students are invited to a special preview of our first exhibition - A History of Drawing - on Monday 15 January. 

ID cards 

The entrance gates at Peckham Road are now fully functioning. Staff and students no longer need to update their ID cards on the card reader located beside the library on the 1st floor, Block B.

Staff and students are reminded to keep their ID cards on them at all times as the college's new access control system is now fully operational. We operate a ‘no pass no entry’ security policy at the college so please ensure you have your ID Card with you at all times. 

Peckham Road Latest

Most college facilities are now open for the beginning of term. Work on the new reception and new gallery space will continue into the spring term. Please note that it's business as usual at Wilson Road (WR).

You can find the most up-to-date information for Peckham Road workshops below:‌‌

Key to Peckham Road names:

New building name

Old building name

Block ASeventies building
Block BNew building
Block CVictorian building South Block
Block DVictorian building North Block


Peckham Road (PR) workshops and studios


Access arrangements

3D workshops

Floor 5, Block A

  • The metal and wood workshops are open to staff and students for planned timetable
  • Main metal workshop refurbishment has been postponed until summer 2018
  • Contact Specialist Technician Daniel Boyle to discuss any specific access needs 

Central Loan Store (CLS)

Ground Floor, Block C

  • Open to staff and students 

Ceramics workshop

Ground Floor, Block A

  • Open to staff and previously inducted students 
  • Planned inductions for new students will begin in February
  • Please contact Specialist Technician Taslim Martin or 3D Technical Coordinator Jonathan Armistead to discuss any specific access needs 

Digital Media workshops

Floor 2, Block A

  • Digital Media workshops are open to staff and students for planned timetable
  • Digital Print workshop is open to staff and students. Please see Moodle for opening times, including drop-in service and prescheduled appointments.

Foundry and Plaster workshops

Floor 5, Block A


  • The foundry, plaster and wax workshops will open on Monday 15 January to staff and students following the installation of a new Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) system
  • Rebecca Stevenson the Specialist Foundry Technician is available in her office to discuss any support needs

Laser cutting/ plastics workshop

BG10, Block B

  • Has moved to BG10 and will be open to staff and students from Monday 15 January. Please see Moodle for further details 

Letterpress workshop

Basement, Block C

  • Open to staff and students for planned timetable

Neal's Yard Wood Workshop

Wilson Road

  • Open to staff and students for planned timetable
  • Activities are due to be moved to room BG09, Peckham Road once LEV installation and safety works have been completed. 

Photography workshops

Basement, Block C

  • Open to staff and students for planned timetable

Printmaking workshops

Floor 4, Block A

  • Open to staff and students for planned timetable
  • Access as agreed with Technicians and as per timetable. Please check your Moodle page or speak to Paul Atkins for more detailed information.

Wood workshop

BG09, Block B

  • Currently closed for LEV installation and safety works to be carried out during the first week of term.
  • Please contact Specialist Technician Neal Moonstone located at Neal's Yard in Wilson Road to discuss any specific access needs 

Studios, PR


  • Studios are open to students and staff