Professor Cathy Lane

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Professor of Sound Art Director of Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice

London College of Communication


Cathy Lane is Professor of Sound Arts at University of the Arts London. She established the department of Sound Arts and Design at London College of Communication and now co - directs Creative Research in Sound Arts Practice (CRiSAP). She is currently using the Her Noise Archive as a catalyst for research into gender in sound arts practice. She has a PhD in electroacoustic music composition from City University, London.

Research interests

Creative practice and practice based research, compositional techniques and practices in all aspects of the sound arts, archives, memory and oral history, space and place, cross arts collaboration.

Research statement

I am interested in how sound relates to the past, our histories, our environment and our collective and individual memories. This informs my current work as a composer, sound artist, lecturer and researcher. Aspects of my creative practice have developed out of these interests and include composition and installation-based work with spoken word, field recordings and archive material. I also write and lecture on these and related subjects as well as collaborating with choreographers, film makers, visual artists and other musicians.

Books include Playing with Words: The Spoken Word in Artistic Practice (RGAP, 2008) and, with Angus Carlyle, In the Field (Uniformbooks, 2013), a collection of interviews with eighteen contemporary sound artists who use field recording in their work and On Listening (2013) a collection of commissioned essays about some of the ways in which listening is used in disciplines including anthropology, community activism, bioacoustics, conflict mediation and religious studies, music, ethnomusicology and field recording.

My CD The Hebrides Suite was released by Gruenrekorder in November 2013.


Current students & thesis titles

Jennifer Allan, Fog Tropes: A cultural and social history of the foghorn, 1853 to the present day.

Jonathan Gilmurray, Ecoacoustics: Ecology and Environmentalism in Contemporary Music and Sound Art.

Victoria Karlsson, Mapping Experiences of Inner Sounds.

Louise Marshall, Deep Listening: the strategic practice of female experimental composers post 1945.

Matthew Parker, Composing Digital Materiality: A Sonic Archive Practice.

Daniel Scott, The listening Artist: How can Multiple Listening Strategies inform Contemporary Sound Art Practice.

Completed students & thesis titles

Margaret Hall, "The Radio of the Future": Can the convergence of new media technologies redefine radio art and in what ways might it extend the boundaries of radio arts practice?

Tansy Spinks, Sounding Space - How can Site-Specific Sound Artworks act as Compositional Interfaces between Experiencer and Place: Developing Performative Strategies.

Iris Garrelfs, Reframing sound art: the impact of multimodal arts practices on the process of creating works of sound art at the beginning of the 21st century.

Mark Wright, A Resounding Place: Listening beyond the Soundscape.

Selected research outputs