Professor Angus Carlyle

Profile image of Professor of Sound and Landscape Director of CRiSAP

Professor of Sound and Landscape Director of CRiSAP

London College of Communication

Research interests

Sound as artistic practice, text as artistic practice, contemporary photography, 'Landscape', site specificity.

Research statement

Over the last ten years, my work has been animated by a curiosity about our relationships with the environment around us. Initially exploring architecture and photography as processes that made those relationships concrete, more recently I have explored how sound can be both a significant part of the environment and a creative way of addressing how we perceive that environment.

My contribution to the Sound Proof group show at the E:vent gallery responded to the Lower Lea Valley in sound, text and graphics while my CD/booklet "Some Memories of Bamboo" focused its attention on a small parcel of land in the Kami-Katsura district of Kyoto in Japan. I co-curated the exhibition Sound Escapes at Space during July and August 2009.

I am currently developing a collaborative project that adopts a similar response to site with scientists and anthropologists, this time focusing on the contested space around Narita airport in Japan.


Current students and thesis titles

Jennifer Allan, Fog Tropes: A cultural and social history of the foghorn, 1853 to the present day.

Jonathan Gilmurray, Ecoacoustics: Ecology and Environmentalism in Contemporary Music and Sound Art.

Matthew Parker, Composing Digital Materiality: A Sonic Archive Practice.

Simon Robinson, Archipelagos of Interstitial Ground: Investigating edgelands in the UK through photographic practice.

Completed students and thesis titles

Daniel Scott, The listening Artist: How can Multiple Listening Strategies inform Contemporary Sound Art Practice.

John Boursnell, The Unsound Object and Intimate Space, Norwich University of the Arts.

Russell Bestley, "If You're Going to Reminisce, Then You Need to Do It Properly": Punk Rock and Graphic Design in the Faraway Towns, 1977-1984.

Iris Garrelfs, From inputs to outputs: an Investigation of Process in Sound Art Practice.

Margaret Hall, Radio after Radio: Redefining radio art in the light of new media technology through expanded practice.

Mark Jackson, Nothing Short of Complete Liberation: the Burroughsian Ideal of Space as Curatorial Strategy in Audial Art.

Hilary Kenna, A Practice-led Study of Design Principles for Screen Typography - with reference to the teachings of Emil Ruder.

Robert Mullender, Silent Light, Luminous Noise -  Photophonics, Machines and the Senses.

Peter Sinclair, Using Real Time Data Flux in Art. The mediation of a situation as it unfolds: RoadMusic, an experimental case study.

Tansy Spinks, Associating Places: Strategies for Live, Site Specific, Sound Art Performance.

Axel Stockburger, The Rendered Arena: Modalities of Space in Video and Computer Games.

Jonathan Taylor, Immersion: A dynamic digital environment for creative interaction with archival sound art material.

Mark Wright, Contact Zones and Elsewhere Fields: The Poetics and Politics of Environmental Sound Arts.

Selected research outputs