Eva Weinmayr

Associate Lecturer

Central Saint Martins

Research interests

Self-publishing, cultural piracy, print processes, the status of originals and copies, collaborative strategies and open culture, transformation through reproduction, the creative potential and sociological effects of ongoing changes in media technology.

Research statement

Weinmayr is interested in the way that recontextualisations of appropriated materials can have a subversive effect, whether in giving them an unexpected poetic or aesthetic value or critically undermining their ordinarily perceived status. In her practice, this is often achieved by reproducing these materials in various media. The practice thereby becomes a way of investigating how media transforms content and of exploring the boundaries between mass media, art media and the media of quotidian communications – emails, text messages, faxes, printers etc.

These pursuits and, in particular, a long-term interest in self-publishing as a horizontal approach to art production and dissemination, have increasingly led her towards more collaborative and discursive modes of activity. In particular, artist Lyn Harris and Weinmayr have set up AND Publishing, a platform exploring print-on-demand technologies and conceptually driven artists’ books.

Under the rubric of AND, in collaboration with artist Andrea Francke, she is currently running The Piracy Project, collecting examples of pirated books from around the world and exploring the philosophical, legal and practical implications of book piracy and creative modes of reproduction.

Selected research outputs