Dr Daniel Sturgis

Profile image of Reader in Painting Programme Director of BA Fine Art

Reader in Painting Programme Director of BA Fine Art

Camberwell College of Arts


Daniel Sturgis is an artist and curator whose idiosyncratic, painterly language infuses formalism’s rigorous traditions of visual intellect and craftsmanship with contemporary pop references and casual aesthetics. 

His work proposes new possibilities for the continued relevance and vitality of painting and his off-beat geometric arrangements reinvest the optimistic and visionary qualities of modernism in contemporary compositions. Humorous, media savvy and hierarchically democratic, Sturgis’ works advance the legacy of 20th-century abstraction for 21st-century values and sensibilities.

Sturgis’ work is regularly exhibited in the UK and internationally, featuring at museums such as The Chinati Foundation (Marfa, Texas), Camden Art Centre (London) and Turner Contemporary (Margate).

His curated projects include The Indiscipline of Painting (Tate), Daniel Buren’s Voile Toile / Toile Voile (Wordsworth Trust) and Jeremy Moon’s A Retrospective (Kettle’s Yard).

Sturgis is an editor of the Journal of Contemporary Painting and a founding member of Paint Club

He is a writer and selector for Phaidon’s survey of global painting Vitamin P3. He was a Visiting Professor at Nagoya University of Arts, Japan in 2012, and Visiting Professor in Painting Xi' an Academy of Fine Arts, China in 2015

Research interests

Painting, modernism, painting after modernism. 

Research statement

Iam interested in how the culture and language of painting is historically framed and how that history impacts on the contemporary practioner  and indeed the practice and culture of painting. Within my own work, my paintings respect and believe in the tenets of modernist abstraction, but also recognise their fallibility. They neither re-stage the arguments and developments of modernist painting, nor revel in post-modern irony. They can be seen to speak with a divided mind.


Current students & thesis titles

Georgina Amos, Thinking through Enactive Painting.

Alison Goodyear, Privileged, unique and temporary: interpreting aesthetic experiences of the painter-painting relationship through an address to and from practice.

Anna Vickers, Revealing and concealing in post 1970's painting.

Completed students & thesis titles

James Threapleton, The Corroded Surface: Portrait of the Sublime.

Donal Maloney, Slippages between the picture plane and the painting surface. An analysis, through my paintings, of specular highlights, proximal spaces and the Lacanian gaze.

Selected research outputs