Dr Caterina Albano

Reader Visual Culture and Science

Central Saint Martins


Caterina Albano teaches and supervises doctoral students at CSM. She holds a PhD in Renaissance Studies (London University) and curates, lectures and publishes in the fields of art, cultural history and cultural theory and theory of curating. She is the author of Memory, Forgetting and the Moving Image, and Fear and Art in the Contemporary World, and has published journal articles and essays on the history of emotion, memory and contemporary art, anatomy and on curating.

Curatorial work includes the exhibitions ‘Psychoanalysis: The Unconscious in Everyday Life’ (Science Museum, London) and ‘Crossing Over: Art, Science and Biotechnologies’ (The Royal Institution of Great Britain). She was the curatorial consultant for ‘John Snow: Cartographies of Life and Death’ (LSHTM) and for the Wellcome Trust exhibitions ‘Medicine and Art: Imagining a Future for Life and Love’ (Mori Museum, Tokyo) and ‘First Time Out’ (Wellcome Collection). She co-curated the exhibitions ‘Head On’ (Science Museum/Wellcome Trust) and ‘The Genius of Genetics’ (Mendel Museum, Brno). She was the senior researcher for Artakt’s two major exhibitions ‘Spectacular Bodies’ (Hayward Gallery) and ‘Seduced’ (Barbican), and curated ‘The Voice of Sex’ for the latter.

Albano convened the international symposium ‘Anxious Places: Angst, Environments and Affective Contamination’ at the Anxiety Arts Festival London 2014, and is the convener of the Art and Science Research Group (CSM), and of the Archive Forum.

Research interests

Cultural history, cultural theory, history of emotion, emotion and affect, memory studies, memory and consciousness, curating, visual and performing arts.

Research statement

My research is interdisciplinary and broadly relates art, medical sciences and culture. I critically consider science as an episteme in contemporary culture, and reflect on its currency and complexities within broader cultural contexts that include the arts and humanities. My current research focuses on the cultural history of emotion, in particular on the contemporary 'culture fear' and related issues concerning the cultural constructions of phobias, anxiety, and trauma, amnesia and affect.

In my curatorial capacity, I have worked on a number of projects, including major national and international exhibitions and artist projects that explore subjects as diverse as the unconscious, the cultural history of the body; neuroscience, biogenetics and the history of genetics. Both the theory and practice of curating are central to my research and curatorial work.


Tommaso Speretta, Alternative AIDS Video: the representation of the AIDS crisis in independent art video and film in the 1980s and 1990s London–New York.

Sara Buoso, What Does Light Frame? Investigating the Material and Practices of Light in Contemporary Arts.

Julie Chauffier, Expressivity of letter shapes On the correlation between fonts and subjective perceptions.

Bethany Lamont, Post Traumatic Web Disorder': Navigating the Relationship Between Childhood Abuse and Digital Spaces.

Idit Nathan, Art of Play in zones of conflict - the case of Israel Palestine.

Selected research outputs