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Research for Creative Computing

The Institute promotes a diverse range of research activity allied to the creative agency afforded by computational practices.

We have 3 platforms of research focus:

1. Creativity, Machine Learning and AI. This platform explores how a foundational technology of the 21st century can be used in creative ways and examines how people will act with such technologies in deploying their personal and collective creativity.

2. Human Computer Interaction. This platform explores how we behave with emerging technologies and what they will mean for products, services and culture.

3. Platforms, Big Data and Digital Citizenship. This platform explores how the huge amount of data aggregated to the key platforms of our time can be understood, explored and contribute to a public discourse of a globalised and networked society.

Led by a full Institute professor, work in each of these themes engages with the community of established UAL researchers in these areas and provides additional computational capacity for UAL's research community.

Research Students (MPhil/PhD)

The UAL Creative Computing Institute provides an integrated research environment for MPhil/PhD students. Our research students will receive dedicated support from computational experts at the forefront of their disciplines.