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Our fellowships are awarded annually to individual practitioners or organisations that are doing important creative computing practice, research or activism. We award projects that:

  • get UAL students from across our colleges to collaborate in active project work and co-production.
  • promote diverse voices, exploring exciting areas of computational practice.

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Artificial AI: datasets, ethics and deep learning

Fellowship awarded to: Anna Ridler

This fellowship gave an introduction to machine learning theory and and practice and explored why looking critically at datasets is increasingly important.

It included Machine visions: art, AI and creativity, a public event which explored machine learning and creativity from researches, artists and scientists.

Artificial AI: Datasets, Ethics and Deep Learning

Anna Ridler

Designing a Feminist Alexa

Fellowship awarded to: Feminist Internet

In this 6 week creative learning programme, 53 students from across UAL imagined and prototyped feminist PIAs (Personal Intelligence Assistants).

It was a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and learn how to create fairer, more inclusive technologies.

Read the full report (PDF 3.5MB)

Designing a Feminist Alexa

Feminist Internet

Document 1. by CreativeApplications.Net

Fellowship awarded to:

Students from across all UAL, explored creative coding with custom LED displays and innovative ways to apply new technologies.

At our public forum, practitioners discussed unique approaches to: algorithmic art, soft robotics, parametric architecture and interactive space.

Read the full report

Document 1.