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Week In Fashion - 9th September 2019

Multiple magazines layed out in collage form
Multiple magazines layed out in collage form
Week In Fashion Banner Mags
Written by
Jesse Tilley
Published date
09 August 2019

The Week In Fashion, LCF's round up of the industries' most talked about topics.


The Face Magazine: First print edition of 2019

Fighting against the idea that 'print is dead', Managing Director Dan Flower, unveils the first ever print edition of relaunched The Face. Covering with Harry Styles, Rosalia, Dua Lipa and Tyler the Creator, the print issue is pitching to the new generation of magazine lovers.

Like we needed another excuse to stare at Harry Styles...

Rest in peace, Peter Lindbergh.

Renowned fashion photographer, Peter Lindbergh, passed away at the age of 74.Known for his black and white portraits, his most recent work with the Duchess of Sussex x Vogue caught the eyes of many.

Nike Huaraches operated by Siri

Nike unveiled trainers that have their laces tightened and loosened via Apple's Siri. Their fit and comfort will adjust to the wearer as well as the customisable lights and design, which are controlled by the wearer's voice and can be adjusted to reflect the wearers mood. The trainers are due to go on sale Friday 13 September.


Second hand clothing sales hit £178m

Pre-worn fashion purchaseshit a huge £178m in the last year, with search terms such as 'sustainable' and 'eco-friendly' skyrocketing.

LCF News

Thebe Magugu – Winner of the LVMH Award 2019

Thebe Magugu has been crowned winner at the LVMH Awards 2019. Now the proud recipient of €300,000 and LVMH mentorship, Thebe is big news here at LCF after taking part in the International Fashion Showcase 2019.

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