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Student Spotlight: Julia Sasaki Hernanz from BA Costume for Performance

Photos of costume designed by LCF student Julia Sasaki Hernanz inspired in The Perfume story
Photos of costume designed by LCF student Julia Sasaki Hernanz inspired in The Perfume story

Written by
Alexandra R. Cifre
Published date
15 November 2019

After studying International Preparation for Fashion at LCF, Julia Sasaki Hernanz joined the BA (Hons) Costume for Performance to turn her fascination with haute couture into her dream career. Now in her final year, she's currently spending her time researching and finding the inspiration for her final costume. She took some time between library and studios sessions to tell us about her experience in the course and her plans for after graduating from LCF.

Julia is final-year student at BA Costume for Performance.

Hi Julia! Tell us a bit about your creative journey. What brought you to LCF?

This is a very interesting question! I’m originally from Japan, and luckily my second language is English, so I looked into fashion universities that taught in English and that is how I found London College of Fashion. Being a student from Japan, I had to do the pre-degree course in International Preparation for Fashion at the Lime Grove campus, which built my confidence and skill set to go onto the BA course which I’m currently on.

What attracted you about the BA Costume for Performance?

As I progressed from the preparation course at LCF, I realised that I had a fascination with haute couture so I was advised by my tutors to go into Costume for Performance where I would learn how to construct garments but also design them at the same time.

Costume design illustrations by Julia Sasaki Hernanz.

What did you find most challenging in the beginning?

At the beginning, I was very afraid of what to expect from the course as I had no knowledge in sewing. However, I stayed late in class and learnt new techniques everyday so I wouldn’t fall behind.

And what have you enjoyed the most so far about studying at LCF?

Studying at LCF, I have enjoyed all the opportunities I have gained from work experiences and all the creative people that I have met along my journey here.

What inspires you as a costume designer? And how would you describe your style?

The aesthetics, beauty and precision of all the details in haute couture have always been an inspiration for me! My style reflects this, and also learning how to construct corsets in the first year inspired me to incorporate it into my designs, which has become my signature style!

Costume inspired by the character Grenouille from 'Perfume: The Story of a Murderer'. Costume designed by Julia Sasaki Hernanz, Make-up by Bilan Suliman and photography by Solace.

Where would you like to see yourself after graduating from LCF? Do you have a dream role?

After finishing my BA next year, I hope to someday have my own brand which will be family owned — I would love to work alongside my mother as she has inspired me to pursue my dreams! Until that dream comes true, I would love to work for a couture company.

For those interested in joining the BA Costume for Performance, how would you describe the course?

I will just like to say it’s a full-on course as time management becomes key! But once you get used to the curriculum, having the opportunity to design and construct garments will become your number one asset.

Drawings by Julia Sasaki Hernanz.

I have learnt so many skills and techniques which I could not have learnt elsewhere - I am so grateful for being in this course!

What piece of advice would you give to new LCF students to make the most of their time here?

If I could give one advice for new LCF students, I would say, manage your studies well and make the most of the facilities available to you! But most of all, have fun and love what you do!

Julia exploring the use of different fabrics and materials at the Costume studios in Lime Grove.

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