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Student Life: work with UAL's temp agency ArtsTemps


Written by
Fanny Allart
Published date
18 November 2019

Combining work with your studies can be challenging but is often essential when living in London. LCF students and graduates up to one year after their course ends are eligible to apply to ArtsTemps, the university's temp agency.

ArtsTemps offers a wide variety of jobs paying the London Living Wage or higher, which you can manage around your schedule. These roles include working at events, graphic design, communications, copy writing and videography and photography.

Once you are part of ArtsTemps, you may work in any of the UAL colleges for only a couple of hours, to several months contracts, depending on the university’s needs and your schedule.

ArtsTemps is not only a way to earn money on the side of your studies, but it is also a way to gain experience and build your CV. Prakriti Poddar, 2018 graduate from LCF's MA Fashion Entrepreneurship Innovation worked with ArtsTemps and confirms the beneficial outcomes:

I did a few jobs at the uni, which helped me build my network and engage with people of similar interest. Overall, it was a rewarding experience both professionally and personally as it helped me speak my opinion confidently. I have absolutely loved my time doing the tasks they appointed me.

Sheridan Nathaniel, second year BA Fashion Design and Development student, agrees on the advantages of working with ArtsTemps:

It’s flexible, which is obviously great for us students! I only work when I’m available and if I don’t have time or I’m too busy with uni work, there’s no pressure to work! I worked on various events such as LCF’s Get Ready week, the graduate shows, and open days. I loved all the events I was student ambassador for, it’s always a new experience, new people or people I’ve already met through ArtsTemps.

How to apply?

  1. Go on the ArtsTemps page
  2. Complete the online registration form
  3. Attend the appointment with a member of the ArtsTemps and confirm your right to work in the UK
  4. Once you are in the database, you will receive job offers by email that match the experience stated on your CV. You may then reply to the jobs you are interested in, agreeing to the set of days and hours required. If you are the most suited for the position, ArtsTemps will reply and confirm with you.

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