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Student life: Tips to save money while on campus

Written by Fanny Allart
Published date 30 September 2019

Studying in London is expensive, there is no way around this.  In order to make things as easy as possible for students, we have worked with the Student Advice Service to offer some easy tips on maximising your budget. The Student Advice Service is here to support students on finance and funding queries so do make the most of this service.

Set a budget

There are many bank apps, and other independent budgets apps available to you. They’re really good for your wallet because they help you set a budget for the month and stick to it. You remain in control of your finances and avoid overspending. Most apps have an option to set budgets for transport, eating out, groceries, shopping etc. This allows you to manage your month as you wish and control your spendings.

Meal Prep

If you want to save while living in London, you may want to avoid eating out every day. UAL campuses have microwaves available, and also hot water taps. So, bring your lunch to uni, or even your tea bags for the break and you’ll end up saving a lot. All it takes is a little more effort when cooking at home.

Reusable Mugs

Reusable cups are also very useful to save on coffee in the campus’ cafes. They all offer discount if you bring your cup.

Have a read in Uni

Being a student doesn’t mean you should give up on print. Some of our campuses offer free magazines, while a lot of other magazines are available on reference in the library. This way, you can save on magazines and newspapers’ membership or one-off purchases.