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LCFBA18: Three Star Students From Fashion Illustration To Check Out

LCFBA18: Three star students from Fashion Illustration to check out

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Published date 02 June 2018

Ahead of our LCFBA18 showcase at Oval Space, east London, on 6 June, we are shining the light on some of this season’s star graduates from design, media and communication courses at London College of Fashion. From BA (Hons) Fashion Illustration Guhee Kim, Kit Skellington and Jade Rowing talk to us about their time at LCF and their final project.

LCFBA18 is taking place at Oval Space, east London, between 5-6 June.

LCFBA18 is taking place at Oval Space, east London, between 5-6 June.

Guhee Kim is a visual communicator and an artist creating both fashion and traditional illustrations, with a final project based around how physical touch and human connections interact with emotional touch. About LCF Guhee said it has been a time of “life changing experiences”.

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“My final project is all about celebrating imperfections, body hair, skin, gap teeth. I wanted to illustrate figures embracing their insecurities, as in every imperfection there is beauty” says Jade Rowing. Jade once accidentally may or may not have married her tour guide in Cambodia, who gave her a cobra as a wedding gift. Of her time at LCF Jade says, “it’s a stressful roller coaster of emotion and debt, but a roller coaster you would get on over and over again”.

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Trans artist Kit Skellington has created a series of illustrations based on real people and influenced by fashion illustration – it is queer representation through documentation and exploration into masculine routine. Describing life at LCF Kit told us, “A real roller coaster, a huge journey of self exploration and I can only apologise to anyone unfortunate enough to be along for the ride. That being said I don’t regret any of it and my tutors were amazing throughout”.

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