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LCF Research: recent activities in Cosmetic Science

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  • Written byLCF Research
  • Published date 15 March 2023
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From left: Yimeng Jiao, Prof Danka Tamburic, Gabriela Daniels, Dr Milica Stevic and Diogo Baltazar at the IFSCC congress in London. Photo courtesy of Danka Tamburic.

London College of Fashion has offered university-level education in cosmetic science for over two decades and has offered the only integrated MSc in Cosmetic Science in the world since 2012. The group of LCF researchers dedicated to advancing our knowledge of cosmetic science engage in a wide range of multidisciplinary research, including consumer psychology, topical pharmaceuticals, needs of disabled consumers, multimodality of sensory responses, and energy consumption in cosmetic manufacturing. Underlying this research is a consistent focus on themes such as sustainability, equality, diversity, and inclusion

Here is a brief overview of the group’s recent activities.

August 2022

The research group published review papers on incredibly pertinent topics in the open-access journal Cosmetics. Namely, a review paper titled ‘A state-of-the-art review on the alternatives to animal testing for the safety assessment of cosmetics’ by Prof Danka Tamburic and MSc Cosmetic Science alumna Rita Silva.

September 2022

In September 2022, LCF’s Cosmetic Science team attended the 32nd IFSCC Congress in London, the most prestigious international event in cosmetic science. The congress was hosted by the UK’s Society of Cosmetic Scientists and was the first major in-person event since 2019. The Cosmetic Science team featured prominently at the conference, with Professor Danka Tamburic as a member of the scientific committee; and Diogo Baltazar and Gabriela Daniels, moderating podium presentation sessions at the event.

Dr Milica Stevic delivered a podium presentation titled ‘Instrumental Assessment of the Effectiveness of Silicone Replacement Materials in Lip Balms’. The project was led by Dr Stevic in collaboration with Dr Asma Buanz (UCL and Faculty of Engineering and Science, University of Greenwich) and her team. Another collaborative project titled ‘Determination of Lipstick Authenticity Parameters’ was led by Dr Stevic, Ran Bai, Stefanie Naseem, Jekaterina Rogaten, Tanzina Nahar Hoque, Professor Tamburic and Asma Buanz. It was selected amongst the top 10 outstanding posters out of 400 posters presented at the congress. Gabriela Daniels also presented a poster entitled‘Hair, Ageing and Quality of Life of Women from African Descent Living in the UK’, which was well received.

Yimeng Jiao, a PhD researcher at LCF, was awarded a competitive SCS bursary to attend the congress, where she presented an element of her PhD project in the form of a poster titled ‘Investigation of the Experimental and Theoretical Release of Caffeine from Cosmetic Hydrogels and Patches’.

Also in September, Professor Tamburic published a paper on the natural antioxidant raspberry oil entitled Red Raspberry Seed Oil Low Energy Nanoemulsions: Influence of Surfactants, Antioxidants, and Temperature on Oxidative Stability’ in the open access journal ‘Antioxidants’, in collaboration with colleagues from the University of Belgrade.

October 2022

In October 2022, Gabriela Daniels and Dr Ameerah Khadaroo, shared their research on blind and low-vision people’s makeup practices and motivation at the Beyond the Visual: Non-Sighted Modes of Beholding Art Symposium, at Welcome Trust, London. Gabriela has been leading several multidisciplinary research projects aiming at promoting inclusive beauty norms, practices and access to cosmetics.

Group of people sitting as a panel at an event
Ameerah (third in from right) and Gabriela (second in from right) at Beyond the Visual: Non-Sighted Modes of Beholding Art Symposium. Photo courtesy of Gabriela Daniels.

November 2022

In November 2022, Professor Tamburic delivered an invited talk, titled ‘Sustainability of cosmetic products: a focus on packaging’ at the Erasmus-funded Hygieia conference at the Lusofona University in Lisbon. This international conference blending online and in-person interactions explored the theme: of promoting health and well-being across the lifespan.

Photo of Prof Danka Tamburic.
Prof Danka Tamburic at the Hygieia Conference. Photo courtesy of Danka Tamburic.

Gabriela Daniels gave a talk to the Royal Society of Chemistry, with the title ‘Modern cosmetics: an intersection between chemistry and art’. The event was organised by Lancaster University Together with the MSc Cosmetic Science alum Ashiana Fraser, and Dr Gillian Westgate, Gabriela also published a review paper in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, titled ‘How different is human hair? A critical appraisal in the reported differences in global hair fibre characteristics and properties towards defining a more relevant framework for hair type classification’.

PhD student Yimeng Jiao and her supervisors Professor Danka Tamburic, Dr Milica Stevic and Dr Asma Buanz, and external collaborator, Dr Jasim Uddin, have recently published a review paper titled ‘Current and prospective applications of 3D printing in cosmetics: a literature review’. Both reviews have won their entries into Scholarly Community Encyclopaedia.

Needless to say, it has been a busy few months and we look forward to sharing more incredible research from the cosmetic science team.