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LCF alumni come back to uni for this year's Activities Week

Combination of different colourful lipsticks on pink background
Combination of different colourful lipsticks on pink background

Written by
AJ Haseley
Published date
11 November 2019

We know there’s a point in the autumn term when students need time to catch their breath, try out different things and more importantly, to relax. These moments not only support their learning, but also their creativity and overall wellbeing. During the last week of October LCF hosted Activities Week, providing students with a great opportunity to explore the wider college community and find out more about the services available for them, as well as having fun through different workshops and learning sessions on social media, sustainability, digital technologies, entrepreneurship and lots more!

Current students also had the opportunity to network with a group of LCF alumni, who came back to the college to share their advice with the new wave of talent, and participated in some of the sessions hosted during Activities Week.

Ideas Workshop with SET Team

The Student Enterprise Team at LCF ran an Ideas Workshop to help students who would like to develop a business idea. Rob Lakin, Creative Director for LCF's Fashion Business School, attended the session to discuss the concept of Design Thinking and offer an insight into the world of entrepreneurship in the creative arts.

The students also heard from 2 LCF alumni who have successfully launched their own businesses: Thushara Sabreen, from MA Fashion Entrepreneurship and Innovation, is the founder and CEO of Tinker Design; and Natalie Grogan, from MA Fashion Media Production (now MA Fashion, Film and Digital Production), is CEO and Art Director at All Eyes. Both of them shared the stories behind their businesses, and explained how they've used innovative ideas to create value for consumers.

Drawing Workshop with ArtsSu

For LCF Activities Week, ArtsSU held two drawing workshops led by Frida Wannerberger, alumna and current Associate Lecturer at BA (Hons) Fashion Imaging and Illustration. The 2-hour session was open to all students from beginner to expert level, and it was designed to help fashion students develop drawing skills with new technologies and techniques, exploring visual communication skills. After the session, she said:

I really enjoyed it and the students created amazing work given the time frame — I was impressed! I also really liked the motivation of the students that turned up, they seemed to thrive in the relaxed environment.

Beauty Talk with MDMFlow

MSc Cosmetic Science alumna Florence Adepoju also joined Activities Week with a very special session. She hosted a live recording for her podcast Beauty Talk, where she interviewed celebrity make-up artist Keisha East in front of a room full of LCF students from many different disciplines. Florence, who founded her own lipstick brand MDMFlow, offered the students advice on how to stay motivated in the highly-competitive fashion and beauty industries.

Alumni can connect with LCF in the following ways: