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Graduate Spotlight: MA Fashion Photography student Meike Linthorst


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06 February 2017

MA Fashion Photography student Meike Linthorst will be exhibiting her work at the LCFMA17 Media & Communication Exhibition: Found in Translation. We caught up with her ahead of the show, which opens to the public on Thursday 16 Feburary at House of Vans London. She spoke to us about the inspiration behind her final project and her time at London College of Fashion.


My final project… was a personal photo-therapy book called Self. From the start, this project has meant a lot to me, helping me overcome my feelings of insecurity through creativity. As an aspiring creative director, I wanted to explore the theme of insecurity through my own feelings, along with others.

Even though my work is extremely personal, being able to express my feelings through creativity has helped me develop as a more secure and happy person, and collaboration is what made my project successful, visually and emotionally.

Before LCF… I did a BA in Fashion Promotion and Imaging.

My top tips for new students…

  • Challenge yourself – you set the goals during an MA so make sure you create work and develop as a person, and make yourself proud.
  • Work alongside the course; having a Masters is obviously very impressive but wont guarantee you a job, work experience will.
  • Be happy and healthy because at the end of the day this is the only thing that really matters.


I chose LCF… because I wanted to make the move to London, one of the most important fashion capitals in the world. The MA was perfect for me as I was able to do it part-time allowing me to work within the fashion industry as well as study.

The highlight of the course… was the freedom we were given with our work and the diverse group of close friends I made in the class. What I found most challenging was my final major project, as I had made it very personal I had to overcome a lot of insecurities.

What I love about London… is that it’s a great place with so many exciting new things to do, you’ll never get bored! Be careful though, it’s easy to become lonely.

I worked over the entire duration of my MA… it was important to me because I knew that it would help me to get a job. I learnt so much from everywhere I worked (Beyond Retro, IDOL magazine, SevenShoots and Jones and Jones) and made great friends too.


My work in a few words… personal, cultural, diverse, storytelling, bold.

Every single day is an inspiration to me… the things I see, the things I read and the people I talk to, all inspire me in different ways.

My plan for the future… is to work, because I just love being busy. I’m very lucky to already have a job within the production department of a large photographic studio in London. I’m not sure what the future holds for me. I’ll either progress into creative direction… or become a golden retriever/sausage dog breeder.

LCF is moving to Stratford… I think it’s a good idea to have all the students and courses in one place, this will allow easier collaboration between all the students.