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Graduate Spotlight: MA Fashion Design Management, Peihao Zhu

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Optimized-Peihao Zhu
Peihao Zhu
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18 January 2018

We spoke to MA Fashion Design Management student Peihao Zhu about why he chose to study at LCF, what he likes most about studying in London and his tips to prospective students.

Peihao Zhu

Peihao Zhu

What did you study before your current MA?

I studied a BA in Fashion Design & Engineering at Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology.

Why did you choose LCF?

During my BA, teachers of my college recommended several top fashion colleges where I could further my education, including CSM, LCF, FIT and Parsons. I chose LCF because firstly, unlike some of the US schools, I didn’t have to do an additional exam for postgraduate study. Secondly, LCF has a great reputation and is known all over the world and finally, as opposed to CSM, LCF had the fashion business courses I was interested in.

What was your favourite thing about studying in London?

In London, there’s an opportunity to learn new concepts about everything. For example, you are surrounded by lots of different fashion with different functions such as a fashion store with a barbershop, cinema and café. This is something that doesn’t exist in my hometown so I really love it.

Tell us a little bit about your final project and dissertation.

My dissertation is about exploring the effect of co-creation on brand equity and determining an appropriate level for consumer co-design in sportswear market which is a market that is easier to understand. However, after studying during the winter holiday, I found the idea around my thesis to be a little bit broad and abstract. Therefore I am narrowing it and will focus on a famous sportswear brand or a classical business model of co-design.

What do you like most about your course, and what have you found most challenging?

It was very important and useful for me to have modules about basic fashion business knowledge, such as fashion branding and marketing, this allowed me to have a thorough understanding. Also, my classmates are from various backgrounds and all over the world so it was nice to embrace different perspectives – I learnt a lot this way. However, this was a challenge as well because I had to adapt to the different English accents and different cultures.

What would be your top three tips for prospective students?

The most important thing is preparing your English well if you are not a native speaker. Otherwise, it will be time-consuming trying to learn when you are actually in London. Secondly, be clear on your goals as it will give you a clear vision about the future, pushing you to go for it. Finally, try to do some jobs or social activities in your leisure time, because there is plenty of time out of class.

What is your plan for after you finish your MA?

To be honest, I am not sure at this moment. Before I came here, I planed to find a job in UK after I finish the course. However, it would be so different and seems to be an impossible task. Therefore, I may come to China or seek a job in Europe.