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All you need to know about the new BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing and Content Creation course

Maria Ardila, around the college and studio
  • Written byLondon College of Fashion
  • Published date 23 November 2021
Maria Ardila, around the college and studio

London College of Fashion (LCF) are constantly looking to push boundaries in world-class fashion education, not least with the conception of new courses and fields of study. We spoke with Luis Parada, Development Lead of our newest undergraduate course BA (Hons) Marketing and Content Creation within our Fashion Business School, for a detailed look at what students can expect, from units studied to future career prospects.

Which profile of student does the BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing and Content Creation cater to?

BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing and Content Creation students are naturally curious about fashion and fashion business environments. They like to explore a brand's communication activities (both digital and non-digital), enjoy the ideation process (coming up with communication and content ideas), understand the importance of communication for profit and are enthusiastic about strategy.

Ideal candidates for this course will take the time to research businesses, and keep up to date with current affairs and news by reading and exploring magazines and other fashion publications, and watching documentaries, films and fashion films.

What makes BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing and Content Creation such an exciting course to study?

This course explores LCF's Fashion Business School's unique vision of fashion business and environment and explores fashion marketing, with a particular focus on marketing communications and content creation, through a combination of data, strategy and creativity, always considering consumer behaviour and decision-making process and market trends.

Which modules can students expect to study?

As this is a fashion marketing course, units will cover foundational principles and theories of fashion marketing and will be delivered in a cross-course approach.

These shared units are the foundational units for a successful fashion marketing professional and will be largely delivered during the first block of the first year. However, during Year 1 our students will also start to discover the course subject specialism and will engage with content creation-specific units.

Year 2 is dedicated to subject specialism and a great focus on the particularities of content creation will take centre stage. During Year 2, a short experience-based learning is available.

This year also serves as a preparation year for the Final Year. It is during the Final Year of the course when students explore their own proposal for their Final Major Project, and showcase everything they have learned during the course. Individual and group work assessments will take place, with students having the opportunity to explore different types of submissions, but all asking for a practical application of unit contents.

Can you explain the balance between theoretical and practical projects?

Projects on this course have a more practical approach, as they are designed as an application of theoretical content. This means that when we present an assignment brief we usually ask for a solution, an outcome, an artefact, recommendation, to an issue, positive or negative, affecting a brand.

During this process, students are in charge of the research and development of the solution, and tutors are there to support and guide them.

This does not mean marketing theories and concepts are not reflected, but the focus is on the application. For example, how would you help a brand using fashion marketing and content creation theories and concepts?

How does this course differ from LCF’s existing marketing course?

BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing and Content Creation brings content creation as a subject specialism to the field of fashion marketing. This new course bridges our existing courses: BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing and BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing and Consumer Behaviour through its focus on data, strategy and creativity.

Could you explain some of the career options open to students after graduating?

Upon graduation, students will be prepared for a high-level career in Fashion Business, with a particular focus on Fashion Marketing and Communication areas, such as Content Creation and Communication Strategies, Social and Digital Marketing, Campaign Management, Fashion PR, Brand Management, International Marketing, for example.