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Student Spotlight: Jordann Sewell's placement with Good Culture Inc.

Woman standing with skincare product bottle
  • Written byC. Wilkinson-Ayre
  • Published date 28 August 2022
Woman standing with skincare product bottle
Pattern_Tracee Ellis Ross

Good Culture Inc are a PR and communications agency that specialise in talent, partnership, and cultural strategy. Founded in 2021 by Jordan Mitchell, LCF alumni from the BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism and Content Creation course and Liz Matthews, both have over twenty years’ experience in the PR and communication field. The agency has multiple strands spanning from global communications, personal profiling and influencer marketing to cultural casting, brand partnerships and positioning.

We caught up with Jordann Sewell, a current student on the BA (Hons) Fashion Public Relations and Communication to hear about their placement experience at Good Culture Inc.

Congratulations on securing your placement with Good Culture Inc. Can you tell us how you found your placement and what the application process was like?

Thank you! I discovered Good Culture Inc just after their launch, I had been following one of the founders, Jordan Mitchell, on social media and saw her announcement. I immediately knew I wanted to work there as she is very inspirational to me. When it was time to apply for my work placement in second year, I sent her and Liz (other co-founder) my cover letter and CV, then had my interview via Google Meets. I was offered the 6-month internship which commenced from February until July, earlier this year.

Two people standing next to each other
Good Culture Inc, Jordan Mitchell and Liz Matthews. Photo Credit: Good Culture Inc

What responsibilities have you had at Good Culture Inc.?

My responsibilities have been really varied, including arranging sample requests, writing pitch emails, organising samples, daily coverage checks for our clients and research for upcoming brand projects.

Good Culture Inc. have an exciting range of partners and clients including Clara Amfo, the radio broadcaster, Laura Jackson, TV presenter and Munya Chawawa, the comedian. Any highlights or favourite projects?

My highlight so far would be attending the Cellular Goods press breakfast at Somerset House. Cellular Goods is a wellness company that produce unisex cosmetic products. As well as assisting with the planning of the upcoming UK launch of Pattern Beauty, haircare for tighter, curly hair textures founded by Tracee Ellis Ross.

What skills have you developed whilst on placement and how will you use them in future opportunities or jobs?

I’ve developed my research, timekeeping and writing skills. I’m now well practiced in writing short and effective pitch emails for our clients and I’ll use these skills to help me progress further in my position at Good Culture. I’m currently working for the agency as a Junior Account Executive. My aim is to remain organised, knowledgeable and hopefully secure effective media opportunities for our clients in the future.

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Jordan Sewell Profile Image

Can you share some tips for LCF students applying for placements?

I would say to research a company or brand before applying to make sure they align with your own personal values. Be strategic with where you work, for example how can it help you come one step closer to your dream job after university?

I would also say find someone in the industry who may be in your dream position already that you can look up to for inspiration. You can learn from their journey and apply it to your own. You don't have to know them personally but following them on LinkedIn or Instagram can help to give you an insight.