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Student Spotlight: Divya Samant on her mentorship with Dior

Women@Dior mentees and mentors group photo
  • Written byM. Ashton
  • Published date 17 November 2021
Women@Dior mentees and mentors group photo
Group photograph of the successful applicants of the Women@Dior mentorship, with their mentors.

This year, Divya Samant, BA (Hons) Fashion Public Relations and Communication student was accepted on Christian Dior’s annual Women@Dior mentoring programme. The programme aims to empower students and graduates in the workplace, raising their confidence in their own potential. Since launching in 2017, Dior’s student mentoring scheme has become a global success, providing mentors for over 300 students across 11 countries. We caught up with Divya to find out more about the Programme and the projects she has been involved with as part of the scheme.

Hi Divya! Congratulations again for getting onto the Dior mentoring programme, its a great learning opportunity. How did it feel to get a spot on the Programme?

When I found out I was given the opportunity to be a mentee with the Women @ Dior program I was thrilled. I had researched the program prior to applying, and I remember feeling as though it was the perfect educational platform for students of this generation. The program itself focuses on elements such as empowerment, sustainability, inclusivity, and autonomy to name a few, within an educational environment that focuses on collaboration. I found the classes informative, and the speakers to be very engaging and empowering. Getting into this program was an incredible feeling, and I'm thrilled that I have the chance to work with some incredible women across the globe to try to make a difference with our projects.

What was the application process like?

The application process was extremely unique in that I felt as though I was truly given the opportunity to share how my values and belief system shaped my career choices, and the positive impact I've tried to create in the context of my professional life.

Could you tell us more about the mentoring experience with Dior?

The mentoring experience has been eye-opening. It's really invigorating to have the chance to observe fashion outside the context of a classroom. This program gave me a chance to see not only fashion, but how a brand can keep its values at the helm of its operations in a sense.

What's been your highlight so far?

The highlight of the program for me was certainly meeting my mentor and her guidance. I feel that mentorship is such a key part of many of the elements this program aims to teach and is a pillar of learning.

Headshot image of Divya Samant

How has digital working impacted the mentorship and the way it has run?

Digital Working has actually served as a blessing in disguise in certain ways. I had the opportunity to join a team of mentees that was completely international and I would have never had that opportunity had the program not been digital this year. While it is disappointing that the offline events must take a backseat this year, it's great that the program remains COVID-safe but still community oriented.

What has the process taught you about yourself so far?

This process has taught me how important it is to intertwine empowerment and your own values in your professional life. The classes have been an incredible platform in terms of holistic learning. I feel as though I have the chance to learn professional and personal development in a very unique format.

What does this experience mean to you and your future career?

This experience is such a gift in terms of my future, in what it has taught me. I'm thrilled and honored that I've had the opportunity to participate in a program that prioritizes the empowerment of change-makers across industries and the globe. To me, this experience is an educational journey in not only professional development but personal growth as a global citizen as well.