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Student life: best (free) places to study outside campus

Written by
Fanny Allart
Published date
11 November 2019

At the end of each term, deadlines start building up and the university library becomes your second home. Even though UAL has several libraries that welcome all students, you might feel wary of being in the same environment all the time and want to spice things up a little. We have put together a list of the best places to study outside campus that are free and welcome everyone!

The British Library

The British library is a must visit, even if you're not planning to study. It is an impressive building in King's Cross, welcome to everyone. The library counts 170 million items, including artefacts from any civilisation or age. It might become busy at times, so if you're planning for a study day, you will probably want to get there early.

Public libraries in London

There are public libraries in every London boroughs. They are perfect silent study spaces for everyone, and also a free alternative to reading the latest best-sellers by registering with them and borrowing books. Bethnal Green library, Barbican Library and Kensington Central Library are both large libraries that are perfect for student who want to study in peace. Find your closest library here.

National Art Library

The National Art Library is located in the Victoria and Albert Museum. Opened on weekdays, the library offers a stunning study space for the day, in one of the most beautiful historical building of London. It is open to all and free to study there. Victoria and Albert Museum also exhibit great collections of Art and Design, perfect for your study break.

National Poetry Library

The National Poetry Library is set in the Southbank Centre. If you have an interest in poetry, this is the perfect place for you as it offers the largest poetry collection in the United Kingdom, for the literary fans. It is also a great place to study quietly, open to all and free to register.

The BFI Library

Situated on the Southbank, the British Film Institute offers a library opened to all and is the perfect place for all those passionate about cinema You may register to access their large collection of film and television related artefacts and collections. It is open all weekdays and offers a great silent study space. After your studious time, all cinema fans can also have a look at their current exhibitions.

Tate Library

The home of Modern and Contemporary art in London also offers a free library and study spaces. The museum holds artefacts and collections from 1500 to the present day. Facing the Thames, the Tate Britain is a glorious study space for all those who wish to study in a refined quiet environment.

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