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Stay Well - Looking After Your Mental Health at LCF

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  • Written byJ Igiri
  • Published date 03 September 2021
Students drawing

Your studies are an important part of your life, and sometimes the pressure to succeed can be overwhelming. From late nights to mounting deadlines and juggling other life commitments, it’s important to maintain a healthy balance and prioritise your wellbeing, so that you can still enjoy your time at university.

Here are some tips we’ve sourced to help you navigate life and studies at LCF without losing your peace of mind.

Looking After Your Mental Wellbeing

Students Minds is a great place to start. A leading UK Charity and mental health organisation, they advocate for students and focus on offering practical tools to maintain good mental health, fully aware of the unique stresses that come with uni life. Have a browse of their wellbeing resources page. We particularly like the low-time options, allowing you to reset your focus and engage with your surroundings for just 5, 10, or 30 minutes at a time.

Reframe Unhelpful Thoughts

NHS have put together an article discussing what good mental health looks like, including examples of how to reframe negative thoughts and be present in each moment. A quick read accompanied by short video tips, this is a good resource to bookmark and refer to when you need it.

Stay Active

When we don’t take time for our physical health, our mental health suffers also. No two people have the exact same capacity – what's most important is taking part in activities that make you feel energised and get you away from your desk. Check out the Arts Active initiative run by the Students’ Union, for affordable opportunities to try new sports or fitness classes and socialise across all UAL campuses – without the competitive pressure.

Tips for Managing Stress

This three-minute video from Mind is a great resource and reminder for your busiest days. Our key takeaways: try not to do too much at once, practise saying how you feel, organise your time based on your energy levels, and forgive yourself if things don’t go to plan. Be sure to check out the other mental health quick tips in their video series.


Here at UAL we offer free, impartial and confidential counselling services for all students. Whether you are facing low mood or anxiety, a life-changing event or debilitating condition, Student Services can help you walk through it, and sign-post you to medical help where needed.