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Onto the dreamy catwalk of Lloyda Bangura and Sanem Ozman

5 models rendered in 3D on circular platforms, backdropped by snowy mountains and a sunset
  • Written byM Fields
  • Published date 29 November 2021
5 models rendered in 3D on circular platforms, backdropped by snowy mountains and a sunset

Inspired by the pandemic, relaxation and escapism, two LCF students have collaborated on an ethereal, stunning Womenswear garment collection.

BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles: Knit student Lloyda Bangura and Sanem Ozman of BA (Hons) Fashion Photography teamed up to create ‘Front Row at Paradise’, showcasing Lloyda’s intricately woven garments backdropped by a mountainous, serene digital world, all designed in Blender 3D by Sanem.

After being introduced to 3D software in a unit on New Media, Sanem developed an interest in the craft. “I realized that 3D and new media offer me a form of escapism and freedom, so I wanted to experiment with it on a personal project,” Sanem says. “I chose to do 3D scans of the models, which consists of photographing them from lots of angles and merging them together to create the scan. For the background, she thought it would be “best to go a bit more creative and take advantage of being able to put the models anywhere without worrying about the physical possibilities.” 

Close up of models rendered in 3D on circular platforms, backdropped by snowy mountains and a sunset

I wanted to create a dreamy location which would have people stop for a second and imagine what it would be like to be there, ideally evoking a nice feeling. With the pandemic having everyone work from home and not able to travel as much, I think it’s nice to produce content that takes the viewer to somewhere they haven’t been. I thought, why not create a juxtaposition with the summer wear garments - water and huge snowy mountains have always given me a feeling of peace and empowerment, and in this fantasy virtual world, my models would not be cold!

Sanem Ozman, BA (Hons) Fashion Photography

Lloyda shares the same streamlined view of how the project came together. “Sanem came to me with the idea of a 3D project and I was very excited as I haven’t done anything like it before. I had full creative control on the garments and we talked through each look,” Lloyda says. “After locating models that we thought could complement each look, we did the scanning process and Sanem created the rest of the visuals.”

Model rendered in 3D on circular platforms, backdropped by an idyllic sunset

The benefits of working on a personal project seem to suit the two talented students well. Lloyda states, “I believe we have more freedom. There is more room to play around when you’re not being judged or graded - there’s more creative control.” Sanem echoes these thoughts, adding “When I collaborate with other students, we often feed off of each other’s ideas and the outcome has hints of each of our styles.”