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MSc Psychology in Fashion graduates present their research at the BPS Annual Conference 2019

MSc Psychology Applied to Fashion students at the BPS Annual Conference 2019
MSc Psychology Applied to Fashion students at the BPS Annual Conference 2019

Written by
Alexandra R. Cifre
Published date
05 June 2019

Each year, the British Psychological Society (BPS) holds their annual conference to collect the latest research in psychology, and for the first time 5 LCF graduates from MSc Applied Psychology in Fashion were invited to present their Final Major Projects. “We had a good selection of student research examining sustainability in fashion from a variety of perspectives, emphasising the importance of sustainability in fashion on a societal level,” explains Jekaterina Rogaten, course leader of the MSc.

Presenting their studies in front of the members of the BPS and the wider academic community is a great opportunity for students to demonstrate the contributions that this MSc is making in the field, as Jekaterina mentions: “Applied psychology in fashion is a relatively new field in psychology and for us to get our work recognised for a symposium presentation at the main BPS conference was a remarkable achievement.”

According to the graduates who participated in the conference, having their research validated by academic and professional peers can positively impact their career after leaving university, as it allows them to get ahead in an extremely competitive field. “It gives satisfaction to see that your work is useful not only for the purpose of the Master degree, but it’s also contributing to the development of our field,” says Anna Bellotti. For Eden Clingman, taking part in the conference was also a great networking exercise: “Getting feedback from senior academics provided an amazing learning opportunity on how to improve any research I might conduct in the future.”

This was also a big milestone for those planning to further their research after graduating, as Catriona Tassell highlights: “With plans to begin a PhD this coming year, taking part in BPS conference was a highly valuable experience, giving me the opportunity to present my work in a professional setting, receive feedback and network. This has reinforced my desire to continue developing research looking at consumption and sustainability.”

With the presence of 5 LCF graduates at the BPS Annual Conference, does it mean the MSc is leading the way in terms of research within psychology applied to fashion? “Most certainly,” says Jekaterina. “Being at LCF gives us the unique opportunity to apply our knowledge of psychology to multiple creative areas. We are actively working to establish new research collaborations to further advance the field and our understanding of the intersection between people and fashion,” she adds.