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Mentoring Melding: The Postgraduate Network

Mentoring Melding: The Postgraduate Network Banner
Mentoring Melding: The Postgraduate Network Banner
Bethan Alexander,
, London College of Fashion, UAL | Photograph: Bethan Alexander
Written by
Jennifer Igiri
Published date
11 June 2020

Bethan Alexander, Senior Teaching Scholar, Course Leader in MA Global Fashion Retailing and Research Fellow at London College of Fashion, launched a two year mentoring network for students, spanning various disciplines within retail management.

“What we’re trying to do is equip and empower self-directed learners... The benefits of mentoring I saw were really diverse, multiple and really positive. It’s wonderful to see this transformative experience.”

The ‘Mentoring Melding’ postgraduate network began in 2018 and has now partnered 37 mentees with industry professionals, supporting the students’ learning and employability prospects.

Sarah-Marie Moubarak, 2019/20 mentee said: "The whole process has been incredible, enlightening. I took so much more from the experience than I thought I would.

My mentor supported me personally and professionally in terms of building confidence and self-esteem and in clarifying my career directions post MA. Everyone should have access to a mentor, it really has been amazing!"

The project was funded by UAL’s Senior Teaching Scholarship programme and focused on how mentoring delivers a personalised learning experience tailored to the student’s goals, as well as an opportunity for knowledge exchange and insight into industry practice.

Barbara Nigro 2019/20 mentor said: "The match was perfect. We developed a strong relationship based on openness, trust and integrity.

It was personally empowering and the ability to track my mentee’s development was so rewarding and enriching - what a transformative experience for both of us!"