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A journey of self-discovery through textiles: meet LCF Fashion Futures alumna Laure Fernandez

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05 March 2019

Laure Fernandez graduated from MA Fashion Futures in 2018. Since then, she’s been working as a freelance textile designer and is dedicating some of her time to raise awareness around sustainability in fashion schools. In this interview she tells LCF News why she decided to explore the future of fashion and how taking the MA turned into an unexpected journey of self-discovery.

Before moving to London, Laure studied womenswear design in South of France, where she’s originally from. The idea of expanding her knowledge of fashion from a more sustainable perspective led her to enrol in the MA Fashion Futures at LCF. “It was crystal-clear for me. The idea of exploring the notion of fashion combined with social, sustainable and cultural issues sounded like a dream, where everything could be rethought, recycled, reinvented and reconnected.”, she explains.

Her time in London proved to be really beneficial for her creativity, as she mentions attending many talks and exhibitions in the city kept her “constantly stimulated and inspired.” On top of that, Laure reveals that the experience of studying the MA Fashion Futures turned into an invaluable journey of self-discovery:

“During my time at LCF I learned a lot about myself, my values and my professional desires, but also about the society we live in, its treasures and its issues. It was a really challenging and priceless journey, where I met the most incredible people.”

One of the biggest highlights of her time at LCF was participating in 2017 Kering Award for Sustainable Fashion. Her project, which consisted of creating a new method of designing and printing patterns using microbial pigments, received very positive comments. “It gave me lots of hope for the future!”, she declares. When it comes to giving advice to potential students, her answer is very clear:

“Constantly ask yourself what your values are and try to implement them in your life at your own pace. Stick to them no matter what!”

Regarding her plans for the future, Laure intends to create a positive landscape by inspiring people to think more sustainably, and to make us aware about the power we all hold in our hands to create positive change: “We have to remember that everything is just a question of choices, and every choice count.” In her pursuit of making this world a better place to live, Laure always tries to keep her focus on the things that inspire her:

“I like thinking about humans’ place on this planet and their relationship to their surroundings, to nature and, of course, to their clothes. I am seeking to give perspective to people beyond the visible, in the emotional and subtle realm, and to bring them on a self-discovery journey through textiles.”

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