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MA Fashion Photography students create Blurred Borders exhibition

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Written by
Josh De Souza Crook
Published date
29 May 2016

Three MA Fashion Photography students are curating an exhibition in Shoreditch next week which aims to shed light on printed image as physical objects, and they are all exploring new ways of displaying photography through their work.

The exhibition is titled, Blurred Borders, and features the work of Roos van de Kieft, Kovi Konowiecki and Otto Masters. The group wanted to curate an exhibition around modern societies dependency on digital information, and how this urge for digitalised news has blurred the borders of traditional photography. They took this concept and turned it on its head, exploring new ways of perceiving a photography while turning the photographic medium inside out.

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Portrait by MA Fashion Photography student Kovi Konowiecki

The group worked together on the Collaborative Unit, which is a unique way of working that offers LCF’s postgraduate students an opportunity to gain industry relevant experience through cross disciplinary live projects. Students from across the Fashion Business School, School of Design and Technology and School of Media and Communication are encouraged to work collaboratively on innovative and enterprising projects that replicate the needs and demands of the industry. The group discuss the collaboration below.

How did you all meet?

We met each other when we started our MA Fashion Photography course last September and hit it off.

How did the collaboration come about, and what made you want to create this artist-led exhibition?

As image makers, we are very conscious about the fast, digitised, visual culture around us. This allows us to reflect on the value of a photograph and what it means to be a photographer nowadays. We started to talk and think about this a lot during our MA, and we decided to set up an exhibition where we would step away from the digital screen.

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Photo credit: MA Fashion Photography student Yoga Roos van de Kieft

What is the concept of the exhibition, and what should people be expecting to see?

We are experimenting with different ways of displaying our conceptual photography work while stepping away from the digital screen. The relationship between space and its photographic representation is an important factor. Thus, by using old and new techniques, we want to illustrate the beauty of being able to touch and see the photograph as a physical object that interacts with the space around it.

How would you describe your photography style, do all three of you complement each others attributes?

Our photography projects are very diverse, ranging from documentary to fine art to fashion, but we want to cross these borders and show that there is a line that connects these different disciplines of photography.

design by: Lennarts & de Bruijn

design by: Lennarts & de Bruijn