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MA Costume Design for Performance alumni design costumes for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Party

group of students and models in costumes
  • Written byLondon College of Fashion
  • Published date 06 June 2022
group of students and models in costumes

Last weekend we joined the BBC’s ‘Platinum Party at the Palace’ to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and her extraordinary 70 years of service to the nation. Alumni from LCF's, world class MA Costume for Performance programme, designed 8 bespoke outfits which represent the Queen’s style over the last 70 years.

Drawing inspiration from the Queen’s iconic wardrobe, the costume designers reimagined the outfits for the stage. Working closely with the models, including Drag Race star Vanity Milan, and artist and living sculpture, Daniel Lismore they created costumes which were an exuberant celebration of fashion and style through the decades. The costumes took centre stage as part of a live catwalk show, during a performance of ‘Girls on Film’ by 80s supergroup Duran Duran.

MA Costume students' outfits worn at the Platinum Jubilee Party at the Palace

Professor Andrew Teverson, Head of London College of Fashion, UAL told us:

"We were absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to work with the BBC on this once in a lifetime event to celebrate the Queen’s extraordinary 70 years of service to the British people.  As the UK's leading specialist fashion college, we felt honoured to be on stage alongside some of the country's most celebrated performers.

The show brought together music and fashion and showcased the very best of the UK creative industries; an industry which plays such a vital role in our culture and heritage. Our talented alumni worked day and night to finish the costumes in time for Saturday’s show and seeing them on stage alongside Duran Duran and their inspiration sketches projected directly onto Buckingham Palace was such an iconic moment."

floral costume sketch and model wearing outfit of sketch
Astrid Morand worn by Jack Blanco
When I think about the Queen's outfits, what strikes me most are the various flower patterns and the flowery hats she often wears. In my costumes, I like to bring natural elements to the design, and I focus a lot on textures and colours. That's why I had a very clear idea from the beginning, I wanted the flowers on the pattern to come out of the fabric, to come alive and form this big colourful volume on the shoulders.

— LCF alumna Astrid Morand, designing for Jack Blanco
yellow costume sketch and model wearing outfit of sketch
Irina Pavlenko worn by Corrine M
I wanted the design to be colourful and very flattering as it was directly inspired from an archival image of the Queen wearing a tailored suit. My designs always feature a few select colours alongside specific structural elements like an exaggerated collar or shoulders. For this project, I decided that a large skirt would add the dramatic detail worthy of such a fantastic celebration and event.

— LCF alumna Irina Pavlenko, designing for Corrine
green and blue costume sketch and model wearing outfit of sketch
Kathleen Nellis worn by Busola Peters
The inspiration for my design came from the colourful outfit the Queen wore to the Queen Mother’s 90th Birthday celebrations. The theme of the piece is to show the two sides to the Queen’s life - her busy and varied, formal role as the Monarch, and her much softer, more organic life as a mother and grandmother. Signature themes of handcrafted patterns using inks paired with sharp tailoring and pattern drafting are key styles that run throughout my work as a designer and maker.

— LCF alumna Kathleen Nellis, designing for Busola
pink costume sketch and model wearing outfit of sketch
Lisha Zhang worn by Vanity Milan
The inspiration for my design was mostly from the iconic colour palette and floral prints so often worn by the Queen. I’ve reinterpreted a floral print worn by the Queen into the silhouette of the flowers and paired this with accessories like the headpiece and gloves - which speak to the symbols of the Royal Family and their elegance.

— LCF alumna Lisha Zhang, designing for Vanity Milan
multicoloured costume sketch and model wearing outfit of sketch
Nori Pesina worn by Anthony Fitzgerald
My design style is influenced by my struggle with identity, the beauty of my culture, as well as my experience as an Indigenous person living in London. The silhouettes of my design for the Queen’s Jubilee celebration allude to evolution of royal fashion while paying homage to my ancestry that have been misrepresented. My hope is that Indigenous Costume designers, creators and creatives will have ample opportunities to showcase their talents at this same level.

— LCF alumna Nori Pesina, designing for Anthony Fitzgerald
regal inspired costume sketch and model wearing outfit of sketch
Rachele Terrinoni worn by Daniel Lismore
The inspiration for my design came from the bold and colourful patterns that her Majesty usually wears. I love how the nuances can be both pastel and bright. I hope my design will be seen as a tribute to the Queen as well as Daniel Lismore who is wearing it. As a designer I am very keen on matching colours and the quality of fabrics, I like to combine different textures and to pay attention to details. I think my favourite part of any design, but especially this one, is to design and create the headpieces of my design - I always imagine the whole outfit and complete it with accessories.

— LCF alumna Rachele Terriononi, designing for Daniel Lismore
pink costume sketch and model wearing outfit of sketch
Timon Imveldt worn by Peony
For my design, I was inspired by the Queen in her early days in the 1950s – particularly those featuring glamorous elements like jewels, furs and her love for bright and bold colours, and, of course, her iconic hats. I hope those watching the BBC celebration and seeing my design take away just how fun dressing up can be and how the history of costume carries so many hidden inspiring treasures!

— LCF alumi Timon Imveldt, designing for Peony
green and pink costume sketch and model wearing outfit of sketch
Youyin Wang worn by Ella Campbell
The Queen's life is undoubtedly legendary and her outfits are often admired whenever she is in the spotlight! I was most inspired for my design by the Queen’s affinity for florals, colours and of course unique prints. I hope those watching the BBC celebrations feel happy and energised, by my passion, potential and ability as a designer.

— LCF alumna Youyin Wang, designing for Ella