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Love Letters to LCF

Map of london with pins on LCF campuses
  • Written byLondon College of Fashion
  • Published date 10 January 2022
Map of london with pins on LCF campuses
Love Letters to LCF
Do you have a fondest memory of your time at LCF? Whether it be related to your studies, spaces within the buildings or your general experiences, we want to hear from you!

Launching in April 2023, ‘Love Letters to LCF’ will be a multi-site exhibition and programme across our existing six sites, before a smaller version of the show will find a semi-permanent home on display at our new site in Stratford. Love Letters will celebrate the (hi)stories of our sites and their surroundings, as well as the studies, styles, and experiences of our students and staff.

Led by LCF Archives and Cultural Programming, this project will take a historical look at what has gone on in our buildings in the past, gathering and searching through the LCF Archives and Library, special collections, film, and oral testimonies talking to current staff and students, ex-staff, and alumni on their thoughts and feelings about our buildings. Spaces that have the most meaning across the current LCF sites will be identified so that the content captured through the project, will be displayed in those spaces and bring to life what they have meant to us for so long.

Post it notes on a map of London
Love Letters to LCF

In collaboration with LCF Archives (who will be running Love Letters to LCF student workshops this autumn term), MA Fashion Curation students will also join the project team on this journey from September 2022 all the way up to the legacy programme in the new building next year. Artist and LCF Associate Lecturer, Sal Pittman will be capturing the essence and the magic of the buildings, archives, and memories and turning that into something beautiful. Memories will be captured this autumn term and created in the spring term ready for the installation of the designated spaces in our current sites from April 2023.

The intention is to also take elements of this design into our new building so these memories are captured and can be revisited for years to come after the move. Each piece that is designed and installed into the current sites will be created in a modular way so they can be connected together and transferred into our new home in Stratford in September 2023.

We hope this will be a beautiful way to honour the last 100 years and send a message and declaration of what we hope the next 100 years will bring in our new home on East Bank.

Share your memories with us here.