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LCFMA21: MA Fashion, Film and Production

Lady with blonde hair licking an ice cream
  • Written byJ Tilley
  • Published date 24 February 2021
Lady with blonde hair licking an ice cream
Annie Harmeston - 'Quick Fix' - MA Fashion, Film and Production 2021

Showing remarkable resilience and creativity, this cohort of graduates have adapted to showcasing their projects within a digital space, incorporating into their work hopeful messages for the future. Other key themes explored this year include activism and change, reclaiming of heritage and new definitions of identity. The new School of Media and Communication platform developed in collaboration with Twomuch Studio reflects an innovative approach to design, allowing the viewer to feel immersed and connected to each project. View the platform. We have collated a preview of some of the projects from this year's MA Fashion, Film and Production LCFMA21 cohort.

model holding diamond shaped crystal in front of face
Laura Aguilera - MA Fashion, Film and Digital Production, 'Nostos Erda' by Laura Aguilera - MA Fashion, Film and Digital Production
, London College of Fashion, UAL
Nostos Erda by Laura Aguilera

What is the true cost of fashion production? What kind of future are we heading to? How can fashion see nature as a partner rather than a resource? Based on the research and practice of the biomaterial designer and artist Alice Potts, Nostos Erda portrays a speculative alternative future compatible with the biosphere, situated in the reduction of resource extraction and pressure on natural cycles via the use of alternative materials and without generating any waste.

model posed in leopard print garment and fishnet tights, with heavy stylised eye makeup, standing in room with messy grunge aesthetic ornaments and furniture
Firda Amelia - MA Fashion, Film and Digital Production, 'Giligili' by Firda Amelia - MA Fashion, Film and Digital Production
, London College of Fashion, UAL
Giligili by Firda Amelia

Self-expression through personal style is still uncommon in Indonesia. Having a dedicated space is essential for it to grow, as people need a platform to share stories, be acknowledged and connect with others. Yet only a few academics or media outlets in Indonesia have raised this topic. Therefore, I decided to create giligili as a portal to showcase stories that hopefully will encourage 18 to 30 years old in Jakarta to express themselves through personal style.

BUBBLE U by Si Chen

BUBBLE U is a VR experience product, designed for a fashion lifestyle brand with the same name, as a live interactive experience in the store, which is used to attract more audiences and establish a loyal emotional connection with customers. At the same time, BUBBLE U collaborated with Tilt Brush to help its audiences ease their anxiety emotion by combining immersion environment with painting art therapy.

Lady with blonde wearing a green suit
Annie Harmeston - Quick Fix MA Fashion Film and Production 2021
Quick Fix by Annie Harmeston

Quick Fix, a short, but oh-so-sweet story of a user’s journey on the way to ultimate self-optimization. With vibrant colours and an abundance of questionable products, director Annie Harmeston satirically questions the notion of self-care online, inviting users to transform the Quick Fix marketing strategy at the click of a button. Watch the interactive version.

sideways photo, model leaning backwards, wearing overcoat, jeans, millinery and boots. Stylised caption reads
Ana Znidarsic - MA Fashion, Film and Digital Production, 'Mag3.0a' by Ana Znidarsic - MA Fashion, Film and Digital Production
, London College of Fashion, UAL
Mag3.0a by Ana Znidarsic

Mag3.0a is the third issue of Māgoa, an independent art, fashion and design magazine based between Ljubljana and London. The new issue of the magazine explores and utilises emerging digital technologies to reformat the concept of fashion media. By integrating interactive elements, Mag3.0a aims to provide a personal experience of consuming a fashion magazine’s content that is centred around nostalgia. The Slogan There is no future without the past will take you on a journey, where you will investigate how it intertwines with our reality and what role does fashion media play in the context of constant progress and crisis.

model on green sofa surrounded by green gift boxes tied with red ribbons, holding a silver and white dumbell in disdain
Samantha Shirazi - MA Fashion, Film and Digital Production, 'Birthday Smash' by Samantha Shirazi - MA Fashion, Film and Digital Production
, London College of Fashion, UAL
Birthday Smash by Samantha Shirazi

Birthday Smash is a satirical short fashion film which aims to identify and question some of the stereotypes that come with aging and being a middle-aged woman in the Western media and fashion industry. The film is a collaboration with the British brand Sabinna and is meant to ridicule the stereotypes and show middle-aged women in a celebratory light.

Metamorphic by Jess Anderson

Metamorphic is a virtual runway film which has been created in collaboration with MA Fashion Futures Student Joshua Grice. The collection in focus, exists in both real life and in virtual space. Using a traditional weaving loom, Josh produces his work sustainably in a guilt free way utilising traditional techniques which eliminate waste from the production cycle. The virtual reproduction of the collection, created using Clo 3d and Cinema 4d, has been inspired by digital surrealism while still taking influence from the traditional weaving loom technique

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