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LCF students connect with major recruitment agencies at Graduate Futures Recruiters Networking Event

Students listening to representatives from Major Players Recruitment
Students listening to representatives from Major Players Recruitment

Written by
Leila Duffy-Tetzlaff
Published date
14 April 2020

The new Graduate Futures team at London College of Fashion recently hosted a recruiters networking opportunity, as part of the ongoing Employability and Enterprise Series for graduating students. This event offered soon to be graduates the chance to communicate with major recruitment agencies relevant to their specific field of study. This was also a chance for the recruiters to touch base with fresh talent who will be looking for full-time work after leaving university. Recruitment agencies in attendance were:

Student speaking with recruiter from Fashion and Retail Personnel Recruitment

The event space was spacious and bright, laid it out with tables for each recruiter and plenty of chairs to host the onslaught of eager students attending throughout the day. Students brought their CV, business cards and portfolios for the recruiters to review. Whilst some recruiters did individual tutorials with each student, others offered group discussions with a more collective sharing approach, allowing students to feed off each other’s questions and ideas. Needless to say, it was an exhausting, but beneficial day for all parties involved!

Guest speakers from each agency were experts and young professionals, which enabled naturally encouraging interactions and conversational dialogue. The students related with the recruiters, feeling inspired by their level of success within a few years of graduation. One student expressed surprise that more people in their class were not present, as it was a crucial opportunity to influence a company with links to prospective employers.

Students listening to representatives from Major Players Recruitment

Joining forces with these experts provided students a safe space to discuss their potential in a relaxed environment, the chance to gain constructive feedback straightaway, and react to any advice ready for when graduate life comes around. The recruiters were impressed by the calibre of students they spoke with. They felt that events like this should be continued closer to graduation, to demonstrate the pivotal difference between students preparing applications, and a graduate ready to be hired.

Students speaking with Ignata Recruitment