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Creative spaces: the design studios where LCF students and alumni find their inspiration

Design studios with different elements like mannequins, moodboards and design patterns
Design studios with different elements like mannequins, moodboards and design patterns

Written by
Alexandra R. Cifre
Published date
08 August 2019

Have you always wondered what a designer's studio looks like? Is it messy, colourful, with textiles all over the floor and super inspiring? For our students, their studios and creative spaces play a big role during their years at LCF. It's where they do their research, sketch and design before presenting their final collections — there are months of preparation behind the pieces we get to see on the catwalks and exhibitions!

Some of our students and alumni have opened the door to the creative spaces where they design and let their ideas flow. Here they talk about what makes a good design space and how it helps them to stay inspired.

Xuejiao Qin - MA Womenswear

My studio is also my bedroom. My current project is about intimate relationships, and because of the private element of it, I chose to work in my own personal space. I also like having an immersive space where I live with my project. I use the wall of my studio to record my emotions and ideas — sometimes it's like writing a diary! I focus more on the poetic and emotional side rather than the functions of the space.

Joshua Bond - BA (Hons) Bespoke Tailoring

My creative space meant so much to me and was always the place I would come back to after uni. I felt at peace and in my own mind, and I would see each wall surrounding me as a blank canvas for ideas. I have a love for vintage clothes, so I kept a rail full of them right next to my desk whilst designing my graduate collection. I also surrounded myself with photos of friends, families and little trinkets of my past. It inspired me so much and still helps with my creative flair!

Rosie D'Ercole - BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Technology Womenswear

As a designer, having a workspace where you can be creative is one of the most important things. I find that having enough wall space is essential, as it allows me to refine and reflect on my research — for me, this is definitely the most important part of the design process.

Hanna Fiedler - BA (Hons) Fashion Pattern Cutting

I love my studio space for its beautiful light, especially in the morning. The sunshine on my face helps me wake up and the view onto a church bell tower always reminds me of Italy and makes me dream of new places to explore. But the best thing is a recent addition: a bed right under my pattern cutting table for my puppy Ava...there is no better company.