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Guest Sessions: BA (Hons) Hair and Makeup for Fashion students welcome celebrity hairstylist, John Vial

Students recreating hairstyles on model heads
Students recreating hairstyles on model heads
John vial
Written by
Jesse Tilley
Published date
06 November 2019

BA (Hons) Hair and Makeup for Fashion students were joined by celebrity hairstylist and Revlon ambassador, John Vial, for an interactive workshop on how to recreate a variety of London Fashion Week looks and learn more about life in the industry. John began the workshop with an insightful presentation on his work and discussed some of the infamous industry collaborations he has worked with in the past. Student's focused on recreating two looks from John Vial, from the catwalks of Charles Jeffrey and Iceberg.

Why have you joined us today and what are you hoping students will take away from today’s workshop?

I’ve come to London College of Fashion today as I’m an Associate Lecturer and I think it’s really important when you get to a certain level in your career, to give back and I think that what’s exciting about the University of the Arts is that they have global leaders around the world. All these great people that have been incredible influences have all come from here, whether it’s LCF, Central Saint Martins or Camberwell College of Arts etc. To be able to give back to that is really nice but also to see up and coming talent has been incredible, and a real honour for me.

Why do you think collaboration is important?

In our industry, collaboration is incredibly important because it leads you to think outside the box as your opinion can be very different to someone else’s. If you can work with a great photographer, and a great makeup artist and a great hairdresser and a great stylist and put all of that together, when you collaborate that’s when the ideas become really explosive. If you can learn to start and work in that way from the beginning, it makes your work stronger and stronger.

The idea of collaboration for me is incredibly important. I think I’ve collaborated with some of the best people in the world and it’s always then, that you get incredible results.

Going into industry, do you have any top tips or tricks for success that you would advise to students?

I think the most important thing for all students is to just simply work as hard as they can and take up every single opportunity. What these students have, is access to the most powerful fashion and beauty colleges in the world. To work with those people, use every opportunity you can and never say no. Keep working, keep trying and keep testing because it’s all the students today that are tomorrow’s superstars.