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Graduate Spotlight: MSc Applied Psychology in Fashion, Joel Masson


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15 February 2016

We recently caught up with MSc Applied Psychology in Fashion graduate, Joel Masson. Joel told us what his final project is about and shared his top tip for prospective students on the course.


What did you study before your MSc Applied Psychology in Fashion?

Before my MSc I did a BA in Luxury Fashion Management. I also previously worked in various roles from brand development to wholesale with a number of fashion brands. I chose LCF for my MSc because it is the only University that offers a fashion psychology course in the UK.

What did you research for your final project…

My dissertation focused on the role of androgyny in fashion. My aim was to find out what role androgyny has in society, and how it is represented within fashion. It was completed in APA format. Personally my biggest interest lies in how and why consumers may or may not be motivated to purchase certain brands, based on their personal psychological makeup.

What did you like most about your course, and what did you find most challenging?

I enjoyed the group assessments, but all of the research methods were quite challenging for me.

What would be your top tips for prospective students?

My top tip would be for students to ideally have a fashion background, or immerse yourself in as much fashion knowledge as possible.

What is your plan now that you have finished your MSc?

I am thinking of starting a PhD, or start working again in the industry in a related field.