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ARTEFACT FOOTWEAR PATTERN FUTURES at London Design Festival: MA Pattern and Garment Technology

Maria Calva Digital model with graphic dimensions around
Maria Calva Digital model with graphic dimensions around

Written by
Jesse Tilley
Published date
04 September 2019

Challenging the notion of how products change & influence the world we live in, ARTEFACT FOOTWEAR PATTERN FUTURES at London Design Festival exhibits selected work from London College of Fashion’s MA Artefact, MA Footwear, MA Pattern and Garment Technology and MA Fashion Futures graduates. The exhibition opens on Thursday 19 September at the Old Sorting Office, Chelsea, part of the London Design Festival Chelsea Design District.

Jia Liu
Tell us a bit about your work?

The space between one’s body and a garment is redefined by the concept of ‘self-rotation/intersection’ of 4D manifolds formation, and applied to contemporary pattern cutting techniques in fashion design practice. The project suggests a more dynamic definition of surface formation: propose the system of ‘3D pattern’ formation, which suggests the construction of inner shape in correlation of design aesthetics. The video illustrates the process of sampling a selected design “self-intersecting sleeve shirt” (Liu, 2019) in 3D simulation technology.

How was your time at LCF?

The course provides a cross-discipline in between fashion and technology. It suggests a directional digital fashion design workflow towards future trends. The contents of the courses illustrates how academic research applies in practice, and are well structured from basics to advance. The MA PGT team is supported through the course in research, project development and realisation. The experience was extraordinary. I was proud to join the course!

In additional to a high reputation, LCF provides wide range resources for fashion design, technology, culture study, business and media. Students are benefited not only on academic study, but also step on the future career.

Do you have any advice for future students?

Be self-motivated, passionate and an active student. Remember the MA PGT team have always got your back.

Maria L. Calvo
Tell us a bit about your work?

[Re]generative Pattern Design This project presents a new pattern cutting framework in which digital technology acts as a generative entity. A piece of software called [Re]generative Pattern Design was designed and developed. The programme creates unusual bodice blocks given a set of body measurements, being able to generate infinite blocks for a single set. [Re]gPD implies an approach to pattern cutting that could not be implemented manually and can be easily integrated with virtual sampling technologies making the garment design and development process 100% digital.

How was your time at LCF?

Studying the MA Pattern & Garment Technology at LCF was a very positive experience for me. Coming from an engineering background, but having worked for the past 7 years as a creative pattern cutter for fashion brands, the MA course allowed me to find a way to apply my technological knowledge to creative pattern cutting. Teachers, technicians and classmates were all very inspirational. I am especially thankful to Susanne, our course leader, for her professionalism and support throughout the whole course.

I had an amazing time at LCF, where I met lots of inspirational people and learnt something from all of them.

Do you have any advice for future students?

Work as much as you can and enjoy as much as you can. Make the most of it and, not only the knowledge but also the whole experience, will be with you forever.