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All you need to know about the new BA (Hons) Marketing and Consumer Behaviour course

Two viewers of a comic-style strip around the topic of digital marketing
  • Written byLondon College of Fashion
  • Published date 23 November 2021
Two viewers of a comic-style strip around the topic of digital marketing

LCF are constantly looking to push boundaries in world-class fashion education, not least with the conception of new courses and fields of study. We spoke with Louise Stuart Trainor, leader of the newest LCF course BA (Hons) Marketing and Consumer Behaviour, for a detailed look at what prospective students can expect through the duration of the course.

Which profile of student does the BA Fashion Marketing and Consumer Behaviour cater to?

Prospective students should have an interest in the fashion industry on the whole. An awareness of fashion publications and keeping up to date with fashion industry news is also helpful. Students should be enthusiastic about conducting research and be curious about people and how and why they shop. They should be keen to discover insights about consumers and be able to think creatively about how these insights could be used to create marketing campaigns.

Which modules can students expect to study?

Students can expect to study marketing modules that cover the principles and theories of fashion marketing, as well as the creative output. They will have the opportunity to gain computer programme certifications and explore creative marketing techniques.

Students will work individually and sometimes in groups to complete their submissions. Students will also partake in market research and consumer behaviour units; these will focus on research methods and theories of consumer behaviour and psychology, as well as data analysis.

A short work experience-based learning unit and a unit focussed on Futures & Innovation will also feature. In Final Year, students will undertake a Final Major Project, which is an opportunity to explore a personal area of interest in great depth.

Could you explain some of the career options open to prospective students after graduating?

Students will be prepared for a high-level career in fashion business, with the potential to specialise in marketing, management, PR, social media, as well as consumer behaviour strategy, market research, and data analysis.

What are some of the goals you have set for the course as its leader?

Providing students with world-class specialist education in the combined fields of fashion marketing and consumer behaviour.

Blending the scientific aspects of rigorous research with the creative potential of existing and future marketing channels.

Taking a pioneering and radical approach to the fashion industry by critically examining sustainable futures and ethical practices.