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Corinne Delaney

Fashion Film Director
London College of Fashion
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Corinne  Delaney


Corinne Delaney studied MA Fashion Media Production and is now a freelance Fashion Film Director.


How did you find MA Fashion Media Production at LCF?

I absolutely loved LCF it was a magical time in my life. The course was both equally intense, due to steep learning curves, and at the same time incredibly gratifying.

Why did you choose to Study at LCF?

MA Fashion Media Production is a bespoke course, the only one of itʼs kind offered in London, tailored to fill the gap in the market for multidisciplinary artists. LCF has a sterling reputation throughout the industry for providing students with a solid training base, access to cutting edge equipment and leading information in both technology and fashion.

What skills did you learn and are using?

I learned all aspects of the filmmaking process from writing an initial treatment, right through to the post production stages. I spent the majority of my time at LCF experimenting with different directing, editing, choreography and soundscape styles. There are so many ways to approach a film and LCF provides you with a safe environment to experiment along with providing critical feedback on your work, a privilege you will not have access to once you leave the college. I continue to use and develop all of these skills on a regular basis.

How did you find the teaching?

The teaching was of a very high standard and each tutor provided me with a different view point to look at and consider, within the context of my work. As a consequence, your work naturally becomes more rich and vibrant over the length of the entire course.

What were the biggest challenges?

For my final project I was shooting in several locations across London. Each shot had very detailed and elaborate set design so I ended up running behind schedule. I did not get all my shots and had to rewrite my entire script. One of my main actors pulled out on the morning of the shoot, as luck would have it my styling assistant Josh Pablo Tuckley happened to be a model and we ended up throwing him into the film, he played one of the lead characters in the film. He was fantastic and took everything in his stride!

Tell us a bit about what your doing now?

I am writing a script for a new fashion film I want to make.

Tell us about an average day at your job?

When you are shooting a film everyday is completely different to the next you could be writing a treatment, casting models or working with your set designer on the colour palette for the film. That is why I love it so much!

You have had some big fashion film commissions- can you tell us about this?

Earlier this year I directed a fashion film for designer Chocheng who is based in China and New York. An invitation to pitch for this job came through Oliver Barron who edited my previous film and runs a London based production company.

How would you define your style?

I think my style of filmmaking is quirky and eclectic. My work is driven by the narrative and there is always a strong element of colour, set design and dance in each of my pieces. I am inspired by great works or art and literature. I am not fond of being pigeonholed into a particular style of filming as my work changes and directly reflects my interests at the time and the stage of life I am currently experiencing.

What is your top tips for people who want to get into roles like yours?

The greatest piece of advice I could offer would be when you are on set and the client is present and you are under time pressure, try not to lose sight of your creative vision amidst all of the chaos. The industry is highly competitive so I try to remember that you are only as good as your last film job.


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