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Two days with LCF Insights Spring School students

LCF Insights Spring School – Design & Draping
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29 March 2016

We spent two days at the LCF Insights Spring School which offers young people in partner schools and further education colleges in Greater London a taste of studying at LCF. Run by the UAL outreach team, the Insights Spring School delivers a range of innovative programmes across the university, to inspire and develop creative potential.

Held at Mare Street and Lime Grove, the students took part in workshops and activities about everything from tailoring with BA (Hons) Bespoke Tailoring tutors Winston Rose and Josh Masih, to design and draping with BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology Womenswear tutors Louise Gray and Adam Entwisle, as well as sessions in styling, knitting and photography. Here’s what the students had to say.

LCF Insights Spring School - Bespoke Tailoring

LCF Insights Spring School – Bespoke Tailoring

“We’re making pockets and it’s the first time I’ve ever done anything like this. I decided to do the Spring School at LCF because I was looking for a new experience. I’m doing graphics and media at the moment and then this popped up and I thought it looked like fun so I did it.” – Abby

“I’m taking the students through the design process – this part is called fashion technical. They’re all going to make a double jet pocket with a flap and a patch pocket inspired by one of the images we provide. I’ve asked for four pages in their sketchbook including a mind map, designs, design development and the finished product.” – Josh Masih, LCF tutor

LCF Insights Spring School - Design & Draping

LCF Insights Spring School – Design & Draping

“Today has been a really good day. We started off doing a collage using pictures from magazines and putting them together into outfits, trying to collage them together. After that we started draping on the mannequins. We began with paper, and then we used fabric and draped shapes onto the mannequins in 30 seconds which was hard, and now we’re drawing. This is the kind of thing I want to do in the future so it’s been really fun.” – Kiya, Harrow College

“I’m in my first year of studying design and textiles at college. I’ve never done draping before and I think the point of it is that sometimes, if you don’t have any ideas, just by draping it can inspire you. You take the fabric and pin it how you like and it becomes something – because usually for me when I draw, I find it difficult to draw what I want. If you drape it around a mannequin, it gives you a unique ideas.” – Nyla

“Today has been my favourite day of the Spring School so far because I want to do design in the future. It’s fun and I like drawing, clothes and garments and putting my own ideas onto paper. I don’t mind sewing but I want design to be my main focus.” – Gizem

LCF Insights Spring School - Styling and Photography.

LCF Insights Spring School – Styling and Photography.

“I wanted the experience – that’s why I came here. I wanted to get an idea of what fashion is like. I already knew what I wanted to do, but at this stage it’s always good to experience other things because you might change your mind about what you want to do.” – Jamil

LCF Insights Spring School - Knitting

LCF Insights Spring School – Knitting

“Today we’re knitting pockets inner pockets – it’s really fun. It was hard at first, I kept making holes in the wool but the mentors helped me and it becomes easy once you get used to it. I decided to do the Spring School at LCF because I want to work in fashion but I’m not sure of what I really want to do, so this gives me an inside view of what’s there for me.” – Dipti