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Week In Fashion - 5th August 2019

Multiple magazines layed out in collage form
Multiple magazines layed out in collage form
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Written by
Jesse Tilley
Published date
06 August 2019

The Week In Fashion is back! Every week, we'll be bringing you the industries' most talked about topics.


Sustainable fashion designers make waves at Helsinki Fashion Week

From 19th to 22nd July 2019, Helsinki Fashion Week showcased some of the industries top current designers, with a huge focus on sustainability. This year in particular was the first show to ban leather from it's catwalk all together. Founder of the show, Evelyn Mora, has carefully selected her top 5 sustainable designers, including UAL Central Saint Martins graduate, Patrick McDowell.

Fast fashion and sustainability... in the same sentence?

This article made headlines in the fashion world, as Zara's mother brand, Inditex, recently vowed to make all of their 8 brands sustainable by 2025. Using only organic, sustainable or recycled fabrics, this is a huge step for a company that produce almost enough clothing to fill Oxford Street... every week.


Could digital clothing really help stop climate change?

The concept is a bizarre one, we know. But more and more recognised fashion labels are warming to the idea and experimenting with new digital collections. Predominantly discovered for social media influencers and bloggers, could this ever translate to the wider world? Read the full article.

Lessons from LCF's Innovation Agency

London College of Fashion's very own Innovation Agency head, Matt Drinkwater, had a chat with Forbes about how the previous lack of technological innovation within retail, gave the FIA their prime place within the industry to help create truly digital, designer businesses.


Charlotte Mensah, becomes one of the industries' most talked about Black Hairstylists in the UK

Salon owner and business founder LCF Alumna, Charlotte Mensah @charlottemensah, chats with POPSUGAR about her time at LCF and her industry-wide success.

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