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Week In Fashion - 2nd September 2019

Multiple magazines layed out in collage form
Multiple magazines layed out in collage form
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Written by
Jesse Tilley
Published date
02 September 2019

It's officially September and things are picking up the pace in the world of fashion.


Hurr Collective has been labelled 'The Airbnb of Fashion' as they combine technology and sustainability to create the first peer-to-peer wardrobe rental platform

Hurr Collective Co-Founder Victoria Prew tells the Telegraph 'Renting is a great way to be sustainable. It's a driving force of our community and our business. Renting is the future of fashion.' After falling in love with them, we've signed up to realise we're on a waiting list of over 2000 people. Happy to wait.

9 year old Daisy-May Demetre, becomes the first ever disabled childrenswear model at New York Fashion Week

The incredibly heartwarming story of Daisy-May Demetre from Birmingham, as she is set to become the first ever amputee childrenswear model at New York Fashion Week, with visions set on Paris too.


'Second Hand September' - Top tips on how to shop vintage

Oxfam is encouraging us to take a stand and join the 'Second Hand September' campaign. They've written a few top tips on how to shop vintage.

"To be truly sustainable, brands have to produce less at a time when consumers want more."

In the midst of the current climate, can the fashion industry keep it's cool and help save the planet?


LCF Alumn Pixie Levinson tells I.D about life as Dua Lipa's personal pap

Pixie Levinson took a step back from her previous modelling career during her time at LCF, to become the right-hand woman of best pal, Dua Lipa. Her fashion photography experience has taken her to places in the world that she never thought she would see.

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