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Week In Fashion - 19th August 2019

Multiple magazines layed out in collage form
Multiple magazines layed out in collage form
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Written by
Jesse Tilley
Published date
19 August 2019

The Week In Fashion is back! Every week, we'll be bringing you the industries' most talked about topics.


A world with no Fashion Week?

Environmental activists are pledging to 'organise the funeral' for London Fashion Week in September, in a bid to change the culture around consumption. I wonder what British Fashion Council have to say about this?

The boutique that gives your old shoes a new lease of life

Vinnie Tao from Manchester, has set up Sneaker Pharm, a drop-off shoe boutique that cleans and revamps old shoes in a bid to combat the environmental impact of fast fashion. In a feature with the BBC,

Victoria Secret introduce their first ever trans model

Victoria Secret has just hired, Valentina Sampiano the first ever trans model to join the VS Angels. Are VS on their journey to becoming an all-inclusive player?

New Look x The Vegan Society


The fashion designer that designs clothes to confuse surveillance cameras

Fashion designer, Kate Rose, has launched Adversarial Fashion, a gender-inclusive fashion label that confuses Automatic Licence Plate Readers (ALPR). When detected on surveillance, the designs send junk data to the systems which are regularly used to monitor and track civilians and their locations. This comes in very convenient timing with the recent arguments around the legalities of CCTV and facial recognition cameras in the UK.


Rihanna is spotted wearing LCF Alumna brand, Nanushka

Vogue spotted Rihanna wearing LCF Alumna brand, Nanushka, on an evening out in Santa Monica last week.

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