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Week In Fashion - 12th August 2019

Multiple magazines layed out in collage form
Multiple magazines layed out in collage form
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Written by
Jesse Tilley
Published date
12 August 2019

The Week In Fashion is back! Every week, we'll be bringing you the industry's most talked about topics.


The hoodie that's lived a thousand lives...

Stella Mcartney x Adidias have become the first to create a hoodie that is 100% sustainable, by liquifying old ones. The sweat-shirt uses an innovative technology that purifies and liquifies old cotton to transform it into new material. Could every label adopt this technology?

'The fashion tax is stupid'

Fashion designer, Katharine Hamnett, was featured on BBC Radio 4's Today Programme alongside LCF Alumna Amber Kim. During the sustainability focused feature, Katharine was very quick to diminish the government's recent idea behind introducing a 'fashion tax' of 1p on all garments to encourage a better recycling of all clothes. Is that really the answer to the so called 'crisis of fast fashion?'

Wear it and waste it: the trend that's becoming much too familiar.

LCF's Sarah Needham is interviewed for an Al Jazeera film, where they discuss the sheer volume of waste. Did you know that the textile industry has a greater carbon footprint than the shipping and aviation industries combined?

Sustainable children's clothing that grows with them...

Petit Pli, who are mentored by Centre for Fashion Enterprise, have been awarded a partnership with Sky Ocean Ventures to work on a campaign which is fighting the plastic crisis. Their investment will further their development into their award winning children's clothing that is made from recycled plastic bottles.


I thought black was supposed to be flattering?

Associate lecturer at LCF, Polly Holman, features in Woman&Home discussing the colours you should be wearing, and how to wear them.


LCF Alumna, Valentina Karellas, launches sustainable cotton collection that donates to charity with every purchase.

With every purchase of her new collection made directly through Valentina Karellas’ website, £5 will be donated to Bloody Good Period, a charity that provides menstrual supplies to asylum seekers, refugees and those who just simply can’t afford them.

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