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The Way We Wore by Susanna Cordner

Working from home desk with a laptop, books and coffee
Working from home desk with a laptop, books and coffee
Susanna Cordner
Written by
S Cordner
Published date
06 May 2020

In this blog post, Susanna Cordner, Senior Research Fellow: Archives at LCF, introduces our new survey and collecting project in which we’re asking you, 'what you’re wearing and why?' during lockdown so that we can create a record of this in our Archives for the future.

Clothes are, clearly, not the most important part of our lives right now. They do, however, play a role in how we feel, how we present ourselves and how we communicate with others – whether that is in person or on screens. What we wear can help us feel practical and equipped for particular tasks or provide physical and emotional comfort.

For some under lockdown, decision making about how we dress is understandably not a priority, while for others continuing to dress up is an important part of self-care and self-expression.

From the specialist equipment and uniforms worn by key-workers to the pyjamas we feel safest in, the clothes we wear reflect our experiences and mood in the current climate. In our The Way We Wore survey here at LCF, we would like to encourage and collate your thoughts about how you are dressing during lockdown. Our aim is not to influence or pressure people to dress differently, but to create an exchange and a permanent record that discusses and documents what we wore and why during this unprecedented time.

To take part, please complete our 10-question survey here. The answers we receive will be anonymised and compiled in a digital record to be held in LCF’s Archives for posterity. We will also be sharing extracts and findings from the project along the way.

Thank you for your time and for taking part and we look forward to sharing our findings with you!