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Student Life: Highlights from London [Digital] Fashion Week

London Fashion Week Banner
London Fashion Week Banner
London Fashion Week,
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Jennifer Igiri
Published date
24 August 2020

London Fashion Week [LFW] went digital during the coronavirus lockdown in June 2020. Designed to be more inclusive and accessible than ever, the sessions spanned virtual showcases, interviews, talks, podcasts and more. LFW’s digital and gender-neutral showcase spoke to issues of social and environmental responsibility, delving into conversations with designers, innovators and thought leaders, and prioritising the meaning behind the work.

In case you missed it, here are some sessions we recommend:

Compelled to Create?

London Fashion Week

“Designers and creatives explore why we are compelled to create, how we can create a positive impact and what London Fashion Week means to them.”

“Charles Jeffrey, founder of the fashion label LOVERBOY, is joined on the podcast by fellow designer Matty Bovan and their former tutor, MA course leader at Central Saint Martins, Fabio Piras, to examine how fashion education has changed since lockdown and to identify some surprising new creative opportunities.”

Fashion Sustainability

London Fashion Week

"Maghan McDowell speaks to Caroline Rush, Claire Bergkamp, Laila Petrie and Maria McClay about the importance of collaboration in fashion sustainability."

Innovation in Tradition – The Changing Rituals of Retail

Rituals of Retail

London Fashion Week

“Exploring how designers and retailers are looking to traditions of the past for ways in which to futureproof fashion and retail, 'Changing Rituals of Retail' [examines] how technology, customer experience and service, as well as the coming together of community, are integral as we enter a new era of retail.”

“Dylan Jones, BFC Menswear Chair and Editor-in-Chief of British GQ, talks to the musician and British Fashion Council Ambassador Tinie Tempah about the relationship between fashion and music and the entrepreneurial spirit required to build a clothing brand.”

View more sessions including collections, performance poetry, behind the scenes clips and conversations with designers on LFW’s website. London Fashion Week is expected to return for a blend of virtual and physical events in September.