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Sergio Tacchini awards £27,000 scholarship to Sportswear student Jake Baker-Cliff

Photo by Errin Yeslikaya
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12 December 2017

Jake Baker-Cliff just started his BA (Hons) Fashion Sportswear degree at LCF, after globally renowned Italian sportswear brand Sergio Tacchini awarded him with a scholarship that covers his entire three years of study at LCF. Receiving the scholarship means a lot to Jake, “Because a lot of my work is so personal, I feel like I’ve always been quite motivated to push myself” he told us. “Receiving the Sergio Tacchini Scholarship however, has made me even more determined to do the best I can. Being selected for the award has given me the confidence and drive to pursue my ambitions.”

Photo by Errin Yeslikaya

Jake was selected by a panel which included BA (Hons) Fashion Sportswear course leader Thomas Elliot and senior representatives from Sergio Tacchini. Jake’s work is largely inspired by the experiences of his sister and the learning difficulty she has. Jake told us:

I want to create garments that have to power to make a positive impact on people’s lives. This could mean really small day to day things like having somewhere to store headphones or something much bigger that helps someone overcome something. Due to a disability, my sister really struggles with controlling her body temperature. Creating garments that could help to regulate temperature is something that really interests me.

Initially Jake was unsure about  studying in London. “I thought I would miss out on the ‘university experience’ that everybody talks about” he told us. “But I chose LCF because of the strength of the course. It’s not a course that’s widely available and the opportunity to study fashion in London was too good to ignore. I decided to sacrifice the lifestyle I thought I would miss to give myself the best possible opportunity. Now that I’m here I couldn’t be happier with my decision. It’s really not been the case for me that I have missed any kind of university experience. So far I love living here.”

Photo by Errin Yeslikaya

About the BA (Hons) Fashion Sportswear course in particular he said:

I chose this course in particular as it combines two things that I love. Ever since I could walk I have played football. Sport has always been a big part of my life, as has fashion. Even as a young child I was always very aware of brands and how I could present myself through the brands I chose to wear. Eventually I would love to run my own label. I’d like to create a brand that fills a gap in the market.

Patrizia Bolzoni, General Manager of the brand said:

We believe in the richness of diversity, in creativity and in the capability of young, new design talent. The partnership with UAL gives us the opportunity to work with a prestigious institution, known for encouraging new talent and to meet – and select the Sergrio Tacchini  Scholarship recipient, Jake. Both UAL and Jake are already part of the Sergio Tacchini Family.

Course leader Thomas said:

London College of Fashion is extremely grateful to Sergio Tacchini for their support and commitment to nurturing designers of the future. The Sergio Tacchini Scholarship will allow Jake to fully explore his creative potential whist studying on the BA (Hons) Fashion Sportswear course. In addition to the generous financial support, the scholarship has provided an invaluable confidence boost which will encourage Jake to work towards achieving his very best throughout his time on the course.